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Principal's Welcome

Susan Middlebrook, Principal


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Mrs Susan Middlebrook
MEd (Admin) BEc Dip Ed MACE MACEL


As a parent, choosing the right school for your daughter is one of the greatest gifts you can give her. For more than 115 years Tara has been that choice.

As one of the leading schools in the country, our philosophy is to develop girls into articulate, confident and responsible young women with the ability to make a difference in whatever path they choose after their school years. Each girl will be enveloped in Tara’s culture of affirmation, service to others, opportunity and integrity.

“ Choosing the right school for your daughter is one of the greatest gifts you can give her ”

We are led by educational excellence, which is consistently shown through independent school rankings and high academic results across our Junior and Senior Schools not only but also in the students’ achievements in their course of choice for tertiary study. Out of more than 800 high schools in NSW, our Senior School is ranked 55th, another result of which we are proud particularly considering we are academically non-selective. Student achievement is gained through a strong, caring and supportive learning culture and the expertise of staff who are passionate about their craft.

In the Junior School we are currently a candidate school for the International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Program. This exciting inquiry based learning framework is allowing girls to explore learning in different contexts, encouraging them to be problem solvers, innovators and even inventors as they creatively go solve real world problems.

Being girls-only as well as non-selective provides the basis of Tara’s environment, which is described by both parents and students as warm, happy and vibrant. We are large enough to be well resourced yet small enough for each of our girls to have her own voice and role in a setting where she is free to learn without pressure to conform to a stereotype.

“ We encourage our girls to lead holistic Christian lives ”

Importantly, education within a framework of Christian learning has been Tara’s cornerstone since it was established in 1897 and it continues to be so. We encourage our girls to lead holistic Christian lives, emphasising tolerance and inclusion. At Tara we believe that a complete education isn’t only where a girl individually achieves but where she underpins the school’s educational philosophy and values where each girl is valued as an individual and recognised for her uniquenes.

Our excellent teaching staff are central to making Tara a caring, supportive and tolerant place to learn and we’re collectively proud to be half way through our student development program as part of the School’ five year Strategic Plan. We have embarked on a mentoring program where each student meets with a staff member every day to focus on learning, cocuricular activities and service to others. Students identify their goals and also their responsibilities in these aspects of school life and also the form of any assistance they may need to achieve them.

Whether a girl is a day student or boarding at our excellent facilities, daily life at Tara is busy and exciting and there are plenty of opportunities in and out of the classroom. Located on 12 beautiful hectares, we have exceptional facilities for learning and development across the educational spectrum. Twenty-three sports are played at Tara and there are several debating, specific interest and social clubs to contribute to well-rounded educations. We also recognise the unique camaraderie and confidence that the arts offers young people and have several musical, dance and theatre groups on offer as well as yearly musical productions.

If you develop a passion for learning, a person will never cease to grow and it’s this goal that Tara consistently achieves with its students. If you’re considering the best learning environment for your daughter, we warmly invite you to come visit us.

From the Principal
Why Choose Tara? Get a brief insight from Tara's Principal, Mrs Susan Middlebrook, on why there is no better place for girls to be than Tara Anglican School for Girls