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Overseas Students

Tara has over 117 years’ experience in girls' education and since 2002 has been catering to the needs of overseas students as a registered provider, CRICOS Number: 02320A.

Tara welcomes a small number of students from overseas countries who enrich our learning community and develop strong friendships. Entry to Tara is available for overseas students from the Academic Years 5 to 10 only. In both the Junior and Senior Schools, opportunities exist for students whose first language is not English to be given support by ESL-trained staff, who also work with the classroom teachers. Entry into the Senior School is dependent on the student having a suitable level of English to cope with mainstream classes. Assistance is also provided to help students and their parents feel part of the school community.

“ Tara welcomes a small number of students from overseas countries who enrich our learning community and develop strong friendships.”


Accommodation and Welfare

The student must remain in boarding for the duration of her studies at Tara Anglican School for Girls, unless living with a parent in Sydney. Learn more about Eggleton House (Boarding House) at Tara. This is a safe and nurturing environment where the students can practise their English and receive extra academic support. Tara does not work with or provide Home Stay accommodation.

Please note: Full boarding is the only enrolment option available to overseas students (where the parents reside outside Australia).

If you require Tara Anglican School for Girls to issue a CAAW (Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation & Welfare) document as part of your visa application you will need to comply with the following policy. You will reside in the Tara Boarding House which is approved accommodation for the entire period you are enrolled at Tara regardless of age.

We require that you have approved welfare/guardian arrangements and maintain these welfare arrangements for the entire period you are enrolled at Tara regardless of age.  Approved welfare/guardianship is provided by ISA Guardian & Welfare Service.

You will be required to apply in writing direct to the Principal for alternative guardianship arrangements. Please outline your reasons for not utilising ISA Guardians and confirm that your requested Guardian must be a close family relation. The guardian must be approved by the Principal who is at least 21 years of age, has proficiency in the English language, is resident in Sydney and has provided the School with a working with children check for themselves and of all members of their household over 21 years of age. Tara will only release the COE and CAAW when confirmation has been received that approved accommodation is met and approved welfare/guardian services have been applied for.

Enrolment Process

The enrolment process begins with a request for a prospectus, an application and accompanying material to provide you with relevant enrolment information. Please refer to our enrolment prospectus. You can also ring the Director of Enrolments & Communications on 02) 8838 2655 if you have further questions.

Please note: This does not guarantee acceptance of a place at the school.

Overseas Agents

Tara Anglican School for Girls does not deal directly with overseas agents. Please see Australian Boarding Schools International (ABSI), for information of procedures and policies relating to international students.

Fees 2015

Description AUD $
Tuition Fees Years 5-8 31,000
Tuition Fees Years 9-10 33,500
Tuition Fees Years 11-12 37,000
Boarding Fees Years 5-12 22,883
Entry costs for bonds
Refundable Bond 20% of annual tuition fee *
Refundable Bond One term's boarding fees *
Entry fees for upfront payments
Advanced tuition payment ^ One term's fees
Advance boarding payment ^ One term's boarding fees
Enrolment fee + application fee (not refundable) ** 2,220
Overseas Student Health Cover (annual) 480

^ Prepayment fees applied against first invoice issued
* These bonds are refundable after the final accounts are paid, less expenses, when the student leaves Tara. Refer to Tara’s Refund Policy.
** This upfront fee applies to all year levels and all students (short or long term)

Estimated Other Expenses

Description AUD $ (annual)
Incidentals (excursions, stationary, etc) 2000
Uniform and Textbooks 1500
Technology Levy (Years 7-12) 820
HSC Application Fee 1,028
Food GST for Boarders 450

For overseas students to be offered a place at Tara we require advance payment of tuition fees, boarding fees (if applicable) and refundable bonds. These refundable bonds are held in trust until the student leaves Tara. Medical insurance also needs to be purchased for the overseas student. Only upon receipt of payment of all fees outlined in the Letter of Offer will Tara issue the COE and Welfare documents to the government and parents. These documents are a requirement for parents to obtain an Overseas Student Visa.
· Tuition Years 5 - 12 6 months paid in advance per semester (twice a year in January and July)
· Refundable Bond - Tuition One-off payment, paid on enrolment
· Boarding Years 5 - 12 6 months paid in advance per semester
· Refundable Bond - Boarding One-off payment, paid on enrolment
· Estimated Other Expenses Per semester
· Uniform and books As needed

To ensure overseas students can pursue their studies satisfactorily they need to be tested in their use of English language. This testing needs to be completed by a suitably qualified person and meet the requirements of Migration Regulations. If the English level is not adequate, Tara suggests that the student undertakes an intensive language course before considering enrolling at Tara.

An interview will be arranged at Tara if there is a possible vacancy and if an appropriate English Proficiency Level has been supplied. The student, parents and guardian meet with our Director of Enrolments & Communications for this interview at the school.

The interview aims to explain to the student what life at Tara is like and the girls are encouraged to ask questions and look around the school. It is not a test, but an important meeting for the school and parents/guardians so that together we can clarify the needs and expectations for your daughter's education.

Please bring copies of the student's current School reports (translated) and results of the student's English test to the interview, as well as any documents or certificates showing your daughter's achievements.

A Letter of Offer from Tara will be sent to you immediately following the interview if a place is to be offered to your daughter. Alternatively, you will be contacted by the School for further consultation, usually relating to further English studies.

Your acceptance of our Letter of Offer. Should you wish to accept the Tara offer, you will need to pay the scheduled fees and sign and return the Acceptance of Offer contract and relevant documents to the School. This contract indicates the School's expectations of parents, guardians and students and restates our terms and conditions.

Once we have received your signed Acceptance of Offer contract and the required fees, Tara will notify the Immigration Department of your Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) and if under 18 years of age, Accommodation and Welfare. Tara will then send to you copies of these COE and Welfare documents for your visa application. Parents of overseas students are required to send to Tara either the notice of a visa number when it is issued or notice that the visa has been refused. Refusal of a visa by the Australian government requires Tara to refund money as per the Refund Policy found in the Prospectus.

To assist with your daughter's integration into her new School we offer orientation programs. Before her first day, Tara will send your daughter a welcome pack with information about the School and the general requirements for uniforms and subject choices. In addition to the School induction programs, a special integration and orientation program is conducted by Tara's Overseas Students' Coordinator.

Overseas students are required to remain as a student at Tara for at least six months. Transfer and cancellation information is included in Tara's information pack when your daughter commences at Tara.

The Terms and Conditions regarding overseas student enrolment and attendance are very carefully monitored. Please read the details in our prospectus. To request a prospectus, please contact our Director of Enrolments & Communications, Nikki Williams via email

Tara Anglican School for Girls
Tara Anglican School for Girls
Tara Anglican School for Girls


"Tara has a rich tapestry of students with diverse cultural backgrounds. To service families of non-English background who come to Tara, the School offers an extensive English as a Second Language (ESL) support program. I was delighted to take on the challenging position of ESL coordinator in 2013. As a Japanese teacher who has studied a second language, I understand the frustrations and difficulties faced by students who are not able to communicate effectively in their second language. I do feel that by taking on this enormous challenge, especially as many of these girls are boarders who are living away from their families and friends, they are broadening their perspective on the world and will benefit greatly from the experience."

Mrs Samantha Cocks,
ESL Coordinator, Tara Anglican School for Girls


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