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Early Learning at Tara

Tara's Early Learning Class (TeLC), together with the Kindergarten class, ensures that students receive the best possible start to their early learning. The TeLC and Kindergarten provide a two year program for early learning, reflecting the interests of the students within the Board of Studies framework. The relationship between the two classes provides continuity for the students as they move into their formal schooling years. A child-centred play-based program and a desire to assist children capture the joy of discovery and to become lifelong learners, underpins the philosophy of early learning at Tara. Young learners are encouraged to develop independence and take risks as they move along their learning journey.

“ students receive the best possible start to their early learning ”

In the TeLC we run a play-based, investigative program which values the role of play as a serious tool for learning. Embedded into each day are times of explicit teaching. Blocks of time are set aside to teach specific literacy and numeracy concepts and skills.

In Kindergarten the students build on the excellent foundations established in the TeLC. Formal learning, supported by play and hands-on practical tasks, continues. Students are taught in ability based groups where learning tasks are matched to learning needs.

In both the TeLC and Kindergarten our early learning literacy program covers Talking and Listening, Reading and Writing. Our early learning Numeracy program involves lots of hands-on, concrete learning experiences and activities. In the TeLC, HSIE and Science are combined into Units of Inquiry which encourage the children to explore the world around them. Technology is integrated into all of our programs. Our PDHPE program includes sport lessons with our specialist sport teacher as well as in-class fitness and health lessons. Our Creative Arts program includes lessons with our specialist Art and Music teachers as well as in-class lessons. The spiritual development of the girls is integral to our programs.

To help our girls feel happy and safe at school each one has been placed in a "buddy" group with several either Year 5 or Year 6 girls.

The early learning years provide a rich experience for Tara students as the programs develop the social, physical, intellectual, creative, emotional and spiritual domain of each girl. The skills and knowledge developed in these areas provide a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

Interested families are encouraged to complete an online Prospectus Enquiry available here or please contact our Director of Enrolments & Communications, Nikki Williams via email

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