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Student Engagement

Student Engagegement at Tara guides and empowers girls to live Christian values and to develop positive relationships. One of the great strengths of Tara is our aim to develop the whole student. Our staff work in partnership with parents to create a structured and yet caring environment where girls can demonstrate and develop their areas of strength and embrace opportunities for learning new skills.


At Tara we provide many opportunities for students to learn how to serve others and we strive to inspire them to live by the Gospel principle of loving one's neighbour as oneself. Service is a Christian principle which we can bring before our younger students through excellent strategic teaching and implicit modelling in our programs and our daily life at Junior School.

“ our aim is to develop the whole student ”

Our students are encouraged to think before acting and to consider the consequences of their behaviour. They are encouraged to live the values of honour, honesty, kindness, courage, justice, tolerance, responsibility and respect and to become self disciplined.

We have a 'House system' which promotes house spirit, healthy competition and allows girls from various age groups to mix and work together so they can experience peer-to-peer learning and leadership.


We believe that all young people should have the opportunity to explore leadership. We adopt a 'servant-leadership' model based on Christian and humanitarian values. For each girl to reach her full leadership potential, we believe that she firstly needs an effective framework and then experience in real life situations, followed by training and ongoing support. As early as Kindergarten, we provide a wide range of opportunities for our students to refine these important life skills so that they may gain competence and confidence as a leader.


Students who take a formal leadership roles within the Junior School are encouraged to do so with integrity and a strong sense of respect for their peers. All of our Year 6 students are regarded as student leaders whether they hold specific positions or not.


Our student leaders are charged with the responsibility of leading others in a caring and thoughtful manner and to see themselves as significant role models for the rest of the school. The important concept of putting the needs of others before one's own needs is promoted.


The 2013 Elizabeth Medallist is Isabella Natale.

The 2013 Junior School Vice Captain is Isobel Dwyer.

Tara Anglican School for Girls
Tara Anglican School for Girls
Tara Anglican School for Girls