Tara Anglican School for Girls
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Academic Excellence

The Senior School curriculum follows the NSW Board of Studies curriculum requirements and is delivered by qualified and dedicated teachers. We offer a large variety of subjects, giving our students every opportunity to discover and develop their academic talents and special interests. There are support programs for gifted and talented students and for those who need extra assistance with their learning.

“ a dynamic and innovative approach
to curriculum offerings ”

Tara also has specialised education initiatives such as the Business Enterprise education program, where our Year 10 girls are taught financial literacy and given hands-on business experience.

Our teaching staff have been identified by our students as a strength of the school who are often on-hand to provide extra assistance outside the classroom. Tara Senior School offers an Evening Study Centre, an after school program that offers teacher and tutor assistance to complete homework and assessments as well as assistance with time management and help with breaking tasks down into manageable amounts. The aim is to support families with homework and assessments by providing the use of school resources and help in completing tasks to a high standard.

Tara aims to deliver a dynamic and innovative approach to curriculum offerings with initiatives that are designed to broaden and enhance the teaching and learning environment for both students and staff. Tara's current Education Plan guides the way to optimise learning at the school including integrating Information and Communication Technology skills across K-12 and to develop and promote practices which encourage independent, life-long learning.

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Tara Anglican School for Girls

Tara Anglican School for Girls