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Student Engagement

Student Engagement at Tara guides and empowers girls to live Christian values and to learn how to develop positive relationships in all areas of their lives. We believe that one of the keys to unlocking girls' potential is to equip them not only with technical skills but also with values such as integrity, compassion, responsibility and pursuit of excellence. The student engagement program at Tara uses formal and informal relationships to help instil core values and attitudes and create opportunities for service.

“ to help instil core values and attitudes ”

One of the great strengths of Tara is our approach to the development of the whole person. It is our aim for each girl to be well known and supported by staff. We work in a partnership with parents to create a structured and yet caring environment where girls can demonstrate and develop their areas of strength and embrace opportunities for learning new skills.

Students and parents can feel secure in the professionalism, diligence and genuine care for each girl provided by the Tara staff. Our Director of Student Engagement & Development, manages a team who specialise in the pastoral care of each girl and run age specific programs and camps. The team includes a School Counsellor and a Chaplain. Our Mentors and Year Coordinators are assigned to a year group so that they come to know each girl and can offer her individual care and guidance.

“ the development of the whole person ”

We have a House system which promotes house spirit, healthy competition and allows girls from various age groups to mix and work together so they can experience peer-to-peer learning and leadership.

Pastoral Care enquiries may be directed to our Enrolments Office via email


We believe that all young people should have the opportunity to explore leadership. Tara aims to provide opportunities for all students to develop their potential as leaders and to enhance their growth as independent learners and responsible caring individuals. We adopt a 'servant-leadership' model based on Christian and humanitarian values.


Tara develops the girls' skills of service and looking beyond themselevs as they assume more responsibilities within the Senior School. For each girl to reach her leadership potential we know that she needs an effective framework to guide her. She also needs experience in real life situations followed by training and ongoing support. We provide many opportunities for our students to refine these important life skills so that they gain competence and confidence as leaders.


We are heavily involved in various community service projects and work with special international aid programs. Our girls are mentored by guest speakers and each year group develops connections within the school and outside in the community. Girls are given leadership training and these skills and experiences, we believe, are essential for all students once they leave the school.

Tara's Leadership Program begins in Kindergarten and continues through to Year 12. As our Leadership Coordinator explains, 'Our leadership programs allow girls to take on 'real responsibility' within their school community. They commit to job specifications and then work with their peers to solve issues which affect their school community. All leadership roles are selected by a democratic election which is student based. This teaches all students the importance and effectiveness of a democratic system in which their vote effects outcomes.'


The 2013-2014 Head Girl is Emily Richardson

The 2013-2014 Deputy Head Girl is Joanne Lim

The 2013-2014 Head Boarder is Wing Yin (Niki) Wong

Leadership enquiries may be directed to our Enrolments Office via email

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