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TARA DADS CLUB registration

Tara Dads Club 2017

All current and past Tara Dads are welcome to join this special group. The TARA DADS Club aims to encourage, unite and facilitate the building of relationships between Tara Dads and to enjoy social events and activities with their daughters as well as support the Tara Community.

Venue Tara Anglican School for Girls
Masons Drive
North Parramatta, NSW, Australia
Start Date 30 Aug 2019
End Date 31 Dec 2019
Price Cost:$20.00

The TARA DADS Club aims to unite and encourage Tara Dads to enjoy social events and activities together and with their daughter. 
We welcome all Tara Dads current and past.  Inaugural lifetime Membership fee to the TARA Dads Club is a subscription of $20.00 
for which each Member will receive an exclusive TARA DADS Club cap.

For more information on membership or activities please contact any of the Committee:
President: Scott Mannix (Year 2) 
Vice-President: Murad Juddani (Year 3) 
Secretary/Communications: Graeme Bellach (Year 1) 
Treasurer: John Capolupo (Year 7, 10, 12)

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