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ICAS 2019 - Tara Junior School


ICAS 2019 - Tara Junior School

Venue Tara Anglican School for Girls
Masons Drive
North Parramatta, NSW, Australia
Start Date 03 Sep 2019
End Date 19 Sep 2019

2019 International Competitions and Assessments for Schools

Years 3 - 6 Only

In 2019, girls in Years 3-6 have the opportunity to participate in the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) series. This series is conducted by the Educational Assessment Unit which is attached to the University of New South Wales.

The ICAS series (English, Spelling, Digital Technologies, Mathematics, Science and Writing) is designed to assess content knowledge, higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills. ICAS is designed to recognise and reward academic excellence. Each participant receives a printed certificate of achievement. Students with the top score in each subject in each year level are also awarded a medal and certificate at a presentation ceremony. Through ICAS, students are asked to demonstrate a deeper, integrated, and thorough level of learning of content; however this does not necessarily relate to current teaching and learning content occurring within their year group. The ICAS series is completed online with the exception of writing for girls in Years 3 and 4 which will be pencil and paper.

Participation in ICAS is optional for all girls in Years 3-6. As you and your daughter choose whether or not to be involved in this series it is important to understand ICAS seeks to discriminate between students and therefore a number of very difficult items will be 2-3 years above grade level. Please take into account your daughter’s individual readiness when considering her involvement in each of these online experiences.

At Tara, girls have the opportunity to choose to participate in none, one, a few or all of the ICAS offerings in English, Spelling, Digital Technologies, Mathematics, Science and Writing. All experiences are completed at Tara and commence at 7:45am in the Junior School Library Computer lab on the dates as set out below. Mr Reid will be overseeing ICAS on the day.

ICAS has informed us that all girls in the same grade sitting ICAS must do so on the same day. Therefore, there is no opportunity to participate except on the day and time we have provided below. Girls who are involved in Arcadia Strings or Cedars Band will be excused from rehearsal on the relevant days so they can participate in ICAS.

Important note: - Please book by Wednesday 31 July. Entries will be submitted soon after and we are unable to accept any entries after this date.

Booking details Bookings Close 31 July 2019