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Why a girls' school?

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Why a girls' school?

Tara Anglican School for Girls provides an inspirational learning environment for Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12, providing a wide range of academic, cultural, and sporting experiences, as well as offering short term and full time boarding to girls from Years 5 to 12. Tara is located on 12 hectares of beautiful grounds in North Parramatta. Tara has an active community with a rich heritage of more than 122 years of girls’ education, with a bright and exciting future. We encourage and empower our girls to achieve and serve in a dynamic world.

Why you should send your daughter to an all girls' school - Sydney Morning Herald

From infancy through to adolescence, girls and boys take different paths in their journey to success. As a parent, choosing the right school for your daughter is one of the greatest gifts you can give her. 

Why a girls school?

  • All activities and leadership roles are open to girls: they have the chance to participate, influence and lead

  • The evidence is strong that girls’ schools are better able to create the environment and opportunities needed for girls to succeed and develop intellectually, emotionally and physically.

  • Parents choose girls’ schools for the quality of teaching and learning as well as pastoral care because girls' schools are designed specifically for girls.

  • Parents also choose girls schools for the excellent female role models who encourage their daughters to aim high in whichever path they choose to follow.

  • We aim to capitalise on the scientific and social research about the different ways in which girls learn. We cater for relational based learning where girls solve issues through dialogue and are given a context to their learning with more sensory and emotive detail.

  • An all-girls’ school is a learning environment that is free from gender discrimination:

    • girls engage in more healthy competition and risk taking

    • girls are more likely to study and do better in STEM subjects, and participate in sports

  • Post-school they are more likely, than girls educated in co-ed schools, to:

    • pursue tertiary study and careers in STEM

    • hold leadership positions

    • earn higher wages

Why Tara
Why Tara For Me

Laura Mallett
Graduated 2016

What did you learn most from your final years and doing the HSC? 

Tara Anglican School for Girls is truly a school of opportunities. From strong academics, to a large array of sports; from incredible theatre productions to a focus on community service; that’s just a few of the amazing opportunities Tara offers. Throughout my 12 years at Tara, I was always very involved in all facets of school life. Having these opportunities has allowed me to develop my organisation, time management, perseverance and the ability to be calm and pragmatic in stressful situations. I was also given the opportunity to lead the school as Head Girl in 2016. Having this leadership position taught me the importance of communication, teamwork and most importantly, how leadership is about those you serve.

What advice do you wish you had received? 

It’s only when you leave that you realise how much you loved school. Cherish being able to see your friends every day, get involved in so many different activities and learn in an encouraging, supportive environment with teachers that genuinely care about you.

What advice would you give to HSC students now? 

I would tell students to get involved – no one can study all the time! It’s important to have hobbies and spend time with family and friends. Being involved gave me outlets to de-stress, learn time management skills and become more productive when I studied. I would also tell HSC students to experiment with flashcards, diagrams, watching videos, writing, etc. to find out how they study best.

What would the you of today have told the you of Years 11-12? 

It’s important to study hard, but in the end, as long as you do your best, that’s all you can ask of yourself. A few years on, no one cares what HSC marks or ATAR you get. I would also say that if you don’t receive an offer for your first University preference, it’s not the end of the road – you may love it or even if you don’t, there are many ways to transfer. Studying at the University of New England (UNE) was not my first preference, but I absolutely love it and would not want to study anywhere else.

Why did you decided to study your course? 

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine at UNE, Armidale. I have always been interested in studying medicine because it gives you the opportunity to have a direct impact on people’s lives individually and as a community. Even as a medical student, I love how you can help people and make them feel important and valued. Tara fostered my strong desire to help others, a love of teamwork and an intellectual curiosity to pursue lifelong training and learning – all of which are incorporated in a career in medicine.

What are your future plans? 

I still have three more years of my degree before I graduate as a doctor. During that time, I look forward to my placements in Armidale, Tamworth and Gosford. I am excited to work as part of a team within the hospital and learn from experienced doctors and other medical professionals. Other than University, I enjoy playing netball, getting involved with our Medical Students Society and country life!

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