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Congratulations to the Class of 2018

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Congratulations to the Class of 2018


13 December 2018

The year of 2018 has once again provided many examples of the power of education for girls in a girls’ school environment. 

Congratulations to the Class of 2018 and their teachers for their sensational HSC results. This year’s results are some of our best and are a testament to the hard work of our students, their parents and staff. 


Year 12 2018 600w


As a non-selective school, we are extremely pleased with the rise in Band 6 results with 107 across the cohort, up from 88 in 2017. Each girl’s results is a reflection of her own commitment, dedication and focus. 

In 2018, two students gained places as HSC All Round Achievers (with 10 units or more with Band 6 or equivalent). We congratulate our Deputy Head Girl, Grace Wong, who was Dux of the School, and our Head Girl, Zoe Shim, for achieving these places.

Zoe Shim and Grace Wong

A special congratulations to the following Top Achievers: Nicole Muk who has placed fourth in English as a Second Language; Madeleine Schlitter for placing 11th in Business Studies; Zoe Shim for placing fifth in History Extension; and Grace Wong for placing eighth in both Ancient History and History Extension.

We would like to acknowledge those students in particular whose major works have been nominated for their outstanding accomplishments. Carissa Percival whose Design & Technology project has been nominated for the SHAPE Showcase; Grace Wong, who was awarded a Certificate of Excellence for her History Extension Essay by the History Teachers’ Association of NSW; Minerva Khodabande who has been nominated for Music performance for ENCORE; and Arah Ko for her nomination for the Visual Arts exhibition, ARTEXPRESS. We recently learned that Arah’s exemplary body of work will be included in this prestigious exhibition and we are so pleased for her. The girls are very talented and it so pleasing that their hard work has been acknowledged in this manner. While Tara students regularly receive nominations for their work, it remains special every time.


HSC 2018 Achievers

Behind all of this though, is the story of each student. We have been so very pleased for each girl who has grown to be a young woman who has the capacity to think deeply about each subject she has studied so that she is curious, passionate, articulate, resilient and thoughtful. We are so impressed with who each Tara girl has become in addition to what the HSC results demonstrate.

It seems the process of the HSC generating the rank known as the ATAR for universities is becoming less relevant for university entry. The universities are changing the way they accept students for their courses and are choosing students based on their high level of academic achievement, leadership skills and community involvement. For the Class of 2018, I am so very pleased to share with you that 42 students, more than half the cohort, have received early offers to a university before they had undertaken their final exams. These offers are for Australian and international universities as far away as London. Macquarie University for example has made 25 offers with 15 of those being for double degrees. This is a real testament to the students and to the success of the Schools’ programs.

I remain impressed with Tara staff and I give thanks for them. Each year, so many people work hard to make this School a wonderful place for girls. Thank you for the culture of support, relationship and Christian outreach you provide for Tara girls. You truly do create an environment, which allows young women to be inspired, challenged, excellent and to grow into the magnificent young women we see as they graduate. I thank each of you for the gift you have been to your students and for the contribution you have made to the life of this School.

Our Executive Team and teachers have worked hard over many years to enhance and improve the quality of teaching for the benefit of our students. This has been a whole School effort, with the implementation of the Primary and Middle Years Programmes of the International Baccalaureate which is resulting in great gains in student learning as we not only focus on what they need to learn according to the NSW curriculum, but we also strengthen them as learners. It is amazing how courageous girls are in their learning when adults remove the limits and allow students to apply their knowledge to real world issues.

Graduation HSC Class of 2018

Tara is a better community today because of the Class of 2018. This year group has contributed to School life in all areas – academics, sport, performing and creative arts, social justice and leadership. As have their families. The strength of the parent and extended family community continues to be one of the great hallmarks of this School. We wish these young women of Tara every success in the future and once again thank them and their families for the wonderful contribution they have made to the Tara community.

Please view the full Distinguished Achievers List here (PDF 815.7KB).  

Congratulations Class of 2018!

I pray you all enjoy a wonderful break and a happy and holy Christmas.

Yours sincerely

Susan Middlebrook 


For a full recap read all about the Class of 2018 results here (PDF 3.1MB)

Read more about the amazing ATAR results here 

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