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Colour Run Festival Details 2018

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Colour Run Festival - An exciting new event! 

What is the Colour Run Festival… 
The Colour Run Festival will focus on maximum engagement for all families, friends and guests while promoting a happy, healthy and memorable afternoon. We anticipate many hundreds of people will join the fun and vibrancy of colour, activity, music and international food which showcases our community diversity and spirit.  

What day is it on… 
Saturday 15 September 2018

When does everything start…
The Festival opens at 12 noon and finishes at 5pm. Be the first to pick up your Circuit Registration at 12 noon! The Merchandise Stall, Eat Street Markets and The Festival Bakery & Café will also be open at 12noon. The first wave of ‘colour runners’ starts at 12.30pm. Waves of colour runners will depart approx.at 15 minute intervals. You can start the Colour Run circuit anytime between 12.30pm and 4.15pm. 

Where will it be held…
Tara Anglican School for Girls in the Junior and Senior Schools.  

What if it rains…
The event will go ahead rain or shine as all the inflatables will have been delivered. The rain may make the race a little bit slower but in general – what good fun! 

Where do I park…
For a gold coin donation, we have parking allocated at Tara, TKS Massie Oval and Uniting Ministries. Our parking crew will be there to guide you. 

Who can participate in Colour Run Festival…
The Colour Run Festival is for everyone linked to our Tara community! The event is not open to the general public. However, all Tara families are encouraged to invite their family members, all their friends and neighbours. Being the first colour run, we want to ensure a happy atmosphere and safety of all our guests. 

What is the Festival…
The Colour Run Festival is set to be an amazing event with a delicious trail of food, music and colour! Wonderful food will be available from our generous and diverse communities. Come and say hello to the Tara parents who are creating great menus of Korean, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Aussie BBQ, Potato Wedges, Gelato as well as Fairy Floss from the Old Girls Association. The Festival Bakery & Café will have scrumptious cupcakes, biscuits and slices for sale and you can buy a serve with a cup of coffee! So bring a picnic blanket, your own chair or grab a seat, for a little or a long time and watch the waves of colour runners have great fun before or after you run. 
Music will be a big part of the day with a terrific DJ and MC creating excitement. Throughout the circuit music will be played so you can sing and dance while you’re completing challenges. 

What is the Colour Run circuit…
The Colour Run Circuit is designed to zigzag through the Junior School and Senior School and ovals. Lots of fun and laughter will happen over the 20 stations that are designed for our community to band together to help each other, and have a laugh, as runners slide, move through and navigate challenges. It is designed for both young and not-so-young participants so if some items seem a bit daunting, just go around it! 

There are 11 super inflatable obstacles (like Big Bounce, Twisted, Up & Over, Air Tunnel and other surprises) plus 5 interesting activities (like foam, slides, sprinklers) and 4 different, exciting colour spray posts. These stations will cater to every person’s ability whether you’re are 5 or 85; running to be competitive or wandering with a group to celebrate a healthy and colourful afternoon activity! You can run the circuit like a sprinter or dawdle and chat at an easy pace - either way you will finish will a huge smile on your face and be covered in many different colours. 

What is the coloured powder made of...
The powder is actually dyed corn starch. The powder is in accordance with the US Code of Federal Regulations 16 CFR 1500.3 Federal Hazardous Substances Act. Colour Powders may be – Yellow, Green, Purple, Saffron, Red, Pink Ingredients are Corn Starch, CI 42090 (Blue 1), CI 19140 (Yellow 5), CI 15985 (Yellow 6), CI 45430 (Pigment Red 172)

What fitness level is required to complete the circuit…
The circuit is planned to cater to all fitness levels. Each colour runner can complete it in their own way. Walk, run, dawdle, miss an obstacle, stand, chat and watch others but be part of the fun. If you don’t feel comfortable doing any station, you can skip past it – no judgement! The colour run is all about a great day with your family and friends.

Is there a time limit to complete the circuit…
The circuit is not timed and non-competitive so you can, literally, take your time while you have fun on the inflatables, in the challenges and getting coloured!

Is there an age limit to complete the circuit…
As a School event, we are attempting to find a way that all ages can participate. Parent volunteers will be stationed at every inflatable and challenge to ensure the obstacles are being used correctly and safely. There are some conditions to be noted. Age is based at the 15 September. Special wrist bands will be given at registration to reflect groups. 

One parent or guardian can take responsibility for a maximum of 3 children between 4 and 7. Please note that the parent/guardian must also be a registered participant. A parent or guardian must be present during the initial registration process for any child 12 years or under. 

Age categories for circuit…
4 Years and under - the inflatables and challenges on the circuit will not be suitable and Under 4s will not be allowed on challenges. However, an under 4 can register and with a registered adult can be carried or walk around the circuit and through the colour stations only. 
5 – 7 Years - to be a colour runner, you must be accompanied by either a parent/guardian or adult friend, older sibling or someone over the age of 13. 
8 – 11 years - to be a colour runner, it is essential to run/walk with at least two of your friends. You can help each other on the inflatables, challenges and have maximum fun. A parent or guardian must be present during the registration process.
12 – 17 years - we suggest you tackle the circuit with your friends and complete the circuit together – it is great to have support and someone to laugh with! 
Adults - become a colour runner as you join with your children or enjoy the company and laughter as you support friends and family through the circuit.    

How do I register to be a “Colour Runner”…
Go to www.tara.nsw.edu.au/events.asp and click on the link to Colour Run Festival. 
Registration must be completed at least TWO WEEKS before the event to ensure we order the correct number of event T-Shirts! 
Last registration to receive your complete CRF Race Pack is 1 September. 
We can only accept a limited number of registrations, if we are over-subscribed (for safety) the registrations may close early. Hopefully this will not happen but don’t delay your registration – get booked and be part of a great event!

What is the cost of participation…
$49 per person – one Colour Run circuit
Lots of fun, laughs and action to be had!!

Cost includes your Registration Race Pack for one Colour Run circuit –> all 11 inflatables, 5 challenges, 4 colour stations are in play plus a special event Colour Run T-Shirt, motivational wrist band, pair of Colour Run sunglasses, circuit wristband

$59 per person - Unlimited Colour Run circuits 
When one circuit will never be enough?! Get maximum fun, more colour and more challenge time! 

Unlimited Colour Run circuits -> Cost includes your Registration Race Pack for multiple Colour Run circuits from 12.30pm until 4.15pm –> all 11 inflatables, 5 challenges, 4 colour stations are in play plus a special event Colour Run T-Shirt, motivational wrist band, pair of Colour Run sunglasses, special circuit wristband

$25 - 4 Years and Under
Under 4s will not be allowed on challenges, however, they will have access to the Colour Stations only on one Colour Run circuit when accompanied by a registered adult to be carried or walk around the circuit.

Cost includes - Special event Colour Run T-Shirt, special circuit wristband

$20 per person – Want the special T Shirt but are unable to do circuit?

We know that some people may want to participate but due to injury or the like are unable. Don’t miss out on being part of the day – get the special T-Shirt to support. 

Cost includes - Special event Colour Run T-Shirt and motivational wrist band

When do I pick up my Colour Run Race Pack…
Your Colour Run Race Pack can be picked up on the day of the event at the Registration Stall outside the Senior School Hall. 

What should I wear for the Colour Run Festival…
Comfortable clothing and comfortable running shoes or closed in sneakers. We encourage all Colour Runners to wear light coloured clothing as the colour powder shows best on light colours. Do not wear anything with sharp edges that might cause injury to other participants or damage the inflatable obstacles along the course. 

As part of registration, you receive a special Colour Run Festival T-Shirt and coloured sunglasses to wear at the event. It is a good idea for girls to wear a singlet top or crop top so it is easy to change into the T-shirt. Please note the course includes obstacles where you slide and crawl, so wearing long pants or tights is a good idea.  If you want to dress up as well, that would add another happy element.

The colour powder is fine so the sunglasses will protect your eyes. It is recommended not to wear contact lenses. Most importantly, don’t forget your smile and bring a happy attitude!

We also strongly recommend that you leave any valuable items at home or locked in your car. We are unable to accept any liability for any items that are lost or damaged during the event.

What happens after I’m all colourful...
The colour will ‘drop’ off your clothes as you dry and walk around or you can shake it off (but who would want to!!). Unfortunately, there are no shower facilities and due to you being so colourful, the internal school classrooms will not be open at any time. There will be plenty of external toilets to get changed if you want to – better to be colourful and happy!! To support our fundraising efforts, special event merchandise will be available for purchase – a cool branded Colour Run hoodie, a branded Colour Run towel, a branded bandana and other interesting things!! 

Can Tara students earn House Points…
Yes! Every Tara student can earn House Points for registering for the Colour Run circuit. The House that earns the most participation points will be awarded BONUS points! The points will be registered separately for Junior School and Senior School.

Can I take my phone with me on the circuit… 
You can carry your mobile phone during the run. However, the circuit includes some foam and water features (fun, right?!) so we can’t guarantee that the phone will stay dry unless you go around the ‘wet’ obstacles. You can also put your phone in a clear zipped bag, but please note that it would be difficult to perform some of the obstacles with a mobile in your hand. When you capture some fabulous images of you and your friends can send to #TaraColourRun 

Can my friends and family come and watch me run the circuit… 
We would love your family and friends come to the Colour Run Festival to support the School, and to enjoy the spectacle and atmosphere. Please note that no spectators have access or are allowed onto the circuit, at any section, before or during the Colour Run Festival for any reason due to safety reasons. The view along the Festival Eat Street stalls, The Festival Bakery & Café and the grass overlooking the main oval is excellent. Encourage them to join you on the circuit – add to your fun!

Where can I help…
Parent volunteers are the heart and soul of fundraising efforts, so sign up and get ready for some colourful high-fives!! The Colour Run Festival is a big task to ensure everyone has a wonderful afternoon and goes home safely. We require hundreds of volunteers over the lead-up, during the event and pack down. The volunteer online link will be open on the first day of Term 3. Please visit the link to choose your task and time. Every set of hands makes a difference!

Before the event we will be needing help in all preparatory tasks, setting up Market Stalls, helping external company put inflatables and obstacles in place, putting up fences and taking care of the general areas. At the end of the event, we need to turn it back into a School (a slightly more colourful one!). 

  • Volunteer Set-up & Pack-Down Crew
  • Circuit Construction Crew 
  • Car Parking Crew   
  • Circuit Run Crew
  • Registration Centre
  • Merchandise Shop
  • Eat Street Crew
  • Start Crew

THANK YOU for reading about the Colour Run Festival.

If you have further questions please contact Wendy McDermott on 

register and be part of this exciting new community event.

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