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Tara Old Girls' Association

Committee and Meetings

The Old Girls' Association was established in 1957. Through the association our members contribute to the life of the school through bursaries and donations of gifts and school equipment. The Old Girls' Association Committee are elected in August each year at the Annual General Meeting. 

2019-2020 Office Bearers 

President: Barbara Edge (Lee) 
Vice President: Lucinda Beck 
Secretary: Alison (Spring) Lillyman 
Treasurer: Kathryn (Crowhurst) Dickinson

Committee Members 2019-2020

Jennifer Hennessey
Julie Hennessey
Emma (Rose) Hull
Amanda (Beck) Jefferies
Ngaire Musto

Meetings for 2020

12 February 2020 – to be held at Parramatta RSL
10 June 2020 – to be held at Parramatta RSL
2 August 2020 – Old Girls Celebration Day – where it is being held TBA
12 August 2020 – AGM – to be held in the School Council Room
14 October 2020 – to be held at Parramatta RSL

Scholarships and Bursaries 

The Tara Old Girls’ Association aims to support school events and offer scholarships and bursaries to current daughters and grand-daughters of Old Girls and past students of Tara. 

Joan Waugh Scholarship 

J Snaith

2018 Winner

The Tara Old Girls Committee is delighted to announce the 2018 recipient of this prestigious scholarship, Miss Jennifer Snaith. Jennifer left Tara in 2004. Jennifer is completing her PhD in Endocrinology specialising in type 1 diabetes study project on why diabetic people are more prone to obesity, heart disease and early death. In particular, the question why complications occur with individuals with resistance to insulin may be due to abnormalities in the patients muscle or liver.

2017 Winner

The Tara Old Girls Committee is delighted to announce the 2017 recipient of this prestigious scholarship, Miss Sarah Deck. Sarah left Tara in 2012. She is currently completing her PhD in forensic psychology and her research will be investigating witness’ allegations for crimes which occur repeatedly over time (such as domestic violence and workplace bullying}.  This research has the potential to facilitate the detection of genuine and false accounts for recurring events, improving the justice of legal proceedings. We wish Sarah every success with her valuable research. 

About the Scholarship

This Scholarship is awarded by the Tara Old Girls’ Association annually, to the value of $5,000, in the memory of Mary Elizabeth (Joan) Waugh, Headmistress of Tara from 1897 – 1946. The award aims to assist an Old Girl in the undertaking of further studies, research or development in a particular area of interest, skill or expertise, either in Australia or overseas. 

To apply for the Joan Waugh Scholarship

Applications will close at the end of September 2020. To apply use the application form here (PDF 145.6KB)


Gift to daughters of Old Girls

As a welcome to Tara a gift of $500 towards the school fees is given to every daughter of an Old Girl when they commence at Tara. This is a one off payment given in the year of commencement. 

Year 11 Bursary

Each October the Committee of the Tara Old Girls’ Association requests the names of daughters of Old Girls entering Year 11 the following year. Eligible girls will be considered to receive a bursary towards their Year 11 fees for an amount estimated by the Committee.  

Dux of School Prize

Each year at the school Celebration Day assembly a member of the Tara Old Girls’ Association Committee presents a monetary prize to the Dux of the School. 

Year 12 Graduation Gift

At the Year 12 Valedictory Celebration in September, the Association presents current Year 12 students with a farewell gift of a charm, designed by Tara Old Girl, Helen Teulon (1982 Alumini).  This charm has been inspired by the Celtic style representing the “Thread of Tara”. Year 12 students who have attended Tara continuously from Kindergarten to Year 12 are also presented with a personally named Bible.

Please do not hesitate to contact the President of the Old Girls' Association on email for more information.

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