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Women of Influence

 Women of Influence Header 2019 

Inaugural Women of Influence Dinner 

In November 2017, 16 women gathered for the inaugural Women of Influence Dinner. This was a fantastic opportunity to come together and share ideas over dinner. There was a positive feeling in the room and anticipation from guests of wanting to reconnect. It was a wonderful start to our endeavours of creating strong ties with Tara Alumnae!

WOI Dinner

Our Aim

For over 122 years Tara has been educating and shaping girls to become women with strength of character and ingenuity. They are now increasing the visibility of women’s leadership across an array of fields.  From politicians and corporate executives, to philanthropists, to pioneering podcasters and app developers, Tara women are our mothers, sisters and daughters who permeate business and families and are paving the way for future generations. 

We believe that every woman is a woman of influence. Someone who is an authentic leader, an inspiring role model, an extraordinary achiever, a catalyst for change, and engaged in life. 

Women of Influence aims to connect with Tara’s graduates, celebrate their successes and strengthen the connection between entrepreneurial alumni and current students.  Mentoring young women has proven to positively impact business success for both parties, by empowering women to contribute their ideas, insight, expertise and suggestions for creative approaches to intelligent and imaginative accomplishments to the twenty-first century. Thus, we have a prime opportunity to reconnect our community with each other in order to fill the gap for women looking for mentors, looking to connect with like-minded individuals on their path to success. It highlights the important contribution women make in creating a bold and diverse future locally, nationally and internationally. 

The Beyond the Gates initiative was developed with the aim of re-connecting cross-generational alumni and forming a powerful conglomerate of women to actively impact the ever-growing Tara community.  With such a worldly range of experience, we have the opportunity to capture a powerful image of the strength of a Tara woman. We wanted to uncover and promote Tara women who had dedicated their time and energy to help and encourage other women in their industry, and who are fighting for change every day – be it in their workplace, their family, their community or among their peers. 

Beyond the Gates Forum - Careers and Disruptive Change 2019

On Monday 25 May 2019 Tara Anglican School for Girls held the second Beyond the Gates Forum for Tara alumnae, students, parents and staff focusing on careers, women in the workplace and disruptive change in the current climate. The presentations shared by the 2019 Women of Influence panel were extremely engaging, authentic and insightful. It was an outstanding evening!

After the Forum, our Women of Influence HUB Ambassadors shared their experiences and stories in the networking conversations. Our Tara Alumnae Women of Influence are truly inspiring. 


2019’s Beyond the Gates Forum is building to provide strong links with our alumnae and students.  Seeing so many wonderful Tara alumnae at the event was so fabulous. 

Beyond the Gates Forum - Work, Skills and the Power of Networking 2018

On Monday 29 October 2018 Tara Anglican School for Girls held its inaugural Beyond the Gates Forum for Tara alumnae, students, parents and staff focusing on work, skills & the power of networking. The panel of Tara women were truly inspirational, funny and engaging! It was a fantastic evening! 

2018's inaugural Beyond the Gates Forum was such a special night. It was wonderful to see so many of Tara's alumnae back at the School and all in the one room! Hear from the panel below: 

Start Networking Today!

We have set up the new Tara Alumnae - Women of Influence LinkedIn Group. This will facilitate one of the many ways in which we will communicate now and into the future. 
Check it out & join here

Stories from the Crest Logo-400px 

Share Your Story Today!

Connecting with our social history and current activities is extremely important. Stories from the Crest is a special project to collect information to share with our Tara Alumnae and Community.   Record your memories, tell us about your life and career journey. Your story will form a valuable part of Alumnae networking events and inspire Tara women now and in the future.  Use the attached link to create your story, attach your photo and send it to alumnae@tara.nsw.edu.au.

Please connect with Wendy McDermott on 02 9630 6655 in Tara Community with any questions. 

Stories from the Crest Interactive Form (PDF 210.6KB)

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