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About the Tara Foundation

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About the Tara Foundation


In service of our School’s core purpose, Tara Foundation aims to sustain our School’s capacity to provide a first class learning environment, for our girls and for future generations of families seeking quality and excellence in their daughter’s education. 

The Tara Anglican School for Girls Foundation Limited (Tara Foundation) is a company established separate from the School, to act as trustee. Its purpose is to provide expert guidance and support to Tara’s fundraising initiatives.  The Tara Foundation ensures that your contribution is managed to maximise the ongoing benefit to our girls.

Foundation History

Since its establishment, Tara Foundation has assessed our School’s needs and delivered plans to support our development and growth.  The prosperity of our School has grown over time, thanks to generations of support provided by the Tara Community.
In July 1988, the Building Fund was finally incorporated and renamed the Tara Anglican School for Girls Foundation (Tara Foundation). 

From 1988 until today, through the continued generosity of the Tara community and guided by a series of Strategic Plans, the Tara Foundation has supported Foundation Scholarship programs and building projects including the construction of the Tara Chapel, Multi-Purpose Hall, the Senior Learning Centre, the Bowern Room, the Mouleric Playing Field, and more. 

Though much in society has changed over time, our School’s development objectives remain the same: we must sustain Tara’s ongoing prosperity and capacity to provide a first class learning environment, for our girls and for future generations of families seeking quality and excellence in their daughter’s education.

Want to know more about how you can share in this rewarding journey? Please reach out to us by emailing us here.

Foundation Structure

Tara Foundation maintains a number of funds for the different contributions made towards the development of the School.

The security and management of funds is vested in the Board of Trustees, while decisions on how contributions are spent are made by the School Council.

Building Fund

The Building Fund assists in the acquisition, construction and maintenance of our School grounds and buildings. Through this fund we ensure our facilities are current to today’s standards, to optimise the learning and development environment of our girls. Due to the scale of projects and the ongoing nature of our vigilant development, it is here where most of the School’s fundraising activity is focused.

Public Scholarship Fund

Public Scholarship Fund makes available to the School an ongoing capacity to provide financial assistance to girls in situations of financial impairment. The Foundation currently provides a number of indigenous and means tested scholarships.

If you'd like to contribute to the Tara Foundation please donate online or contact our Foundation Office.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the administration of our School Foundation, and the security and management of funds.

Each member is appointed on the basis of their willingness and capacity to contribute to the Foundation and the skills required to complement the Board. All of our Trustees have a strong connection to Tara and have expertise across financial, legal, business and marketing sectors. Members give their time and expertise voluntarily and are all passionate about Tara’s future. 

Responsibilities of the Board include:

  • Determining the strategic direction of the School Foundation
  • Assuming financial responsibility and accountability of monies within the funds

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