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Tara Supporting Rural Communities – Drought Relief

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Tara Supporting Rural Communities – Drought Relief

As a Christian learning community, we aim to encourage and empower young women. Our service learning programs are one of the ways we encourage our girls to recognise the contribution they can make to the lives of others. Their actions are delivered through the use of their strengths, gifts, resources and knowledge. Tara is a boarding school of long standing in Parramatta for regional and country girls and these initiatives reflect the School's continuing commitment to our families from rural areas. 


Tara Anglican School for Girls is mindful of the current need of country communities. As so many families are struggling and times are tough we want to lend a helping hand in the name of Drought Relief. Tara Students, Staff and Parents will be leading a series of initiatives over a number of weeks to support country communities to make a difference. These initiatives include:

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Heads and Hearts
Tara Chapel Education Campaign 
Service requires a ‘heads and heart’ approach: We want the girls to be equipped with relevant knowledge about the issue (head) so they can take reasonable, age-appropriate action in response to the issue (heart). Therefore, an important component of Tara’s Drought Appeal is the student education campaign. A dedicated group of Senior School students have created a special picture book called ‘The Water Witcher’. This story was shared at the Junior and Senior School Chapels to raise awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by those living in the country. The girls also showed a film they had made featuring footage of properties owned by members of the Tara community. The education campaign is run by Tara students for Tara students. It is not designed to raise funds, but to encourage insight into the broader issues relating to the drought and appreciation of the struggles our rural community is experiencing. This kind of self-initiated action enables every girl to experience the value of collaboration, effective leadership, and the satisfaction and impact of serving others. Head and Heart service: knowing what needs to happen and having the passion to see it through. 

Students helping Students
‘Stationery Boxes + a little something’ for Central/Distance Education Schools

We know that country families value education. We have learned that many families need to give their children stationery items as their Christmas gift. Our students would like to gift these stationery packs to children ahead of Christmas so this year they may find something special under the Christmas tree from their family.  Approximately $20 will provide the required items for the 2019 school year. The Central/Distant Education Schools chosen have a direct link to our current Tara boarders.  This student activity is to raise enough money to gift ’a stationery box + a little something’ and a card to as many children as possible.  Click on the link below.

Women helping Women 
Country Women’s Association NSW

Country Women’s Association NSW is a completely volunteer organisation with 100% of money raised directed to the most basic of family needs. All the money will go to support women helping women, which is such an important message for Tara girls. The CWA supports women at a community level with finance for medical expenses, household and electricity bills, fuel and mortgages to avoid foreclosure for families. Click on the link below.

Community helping Farmers
Rural Aid Australia 

Help drought-stricken farmers through Rural Aid’s appeal making a difference to Australian farming families. Donations are directed to buy a bale of hay, food hampers for farmers through their local supermarkets, purchasing fuel and water. 
Community helping Communities. Click on the link below.

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Community helping Communities
Suppers in Spring

We are fortunate to have food on our tables due to the combined efforts of our farmers and graziers. Each person’s response and positive influence will make a difference – in thought and in deed.  Suppers in Spring enables our current parents, staff, alumnae, past staff and parents to gather their family, friends and friends of friends to host a meal. It doesn’t matter if you have three or 103 guests, formal or informal. Suppers in Spring hosts invite others to their home, or another venue, and provide a meal. Your guests then contribute an amount to the host for that meal. The suppers generate friendship, conversation and reflection on rural community. Each supper will be a “thank you” to our farmers and we hope to generate many dinners! If you want to say “thank you” but do not wish to host a Supper you may also make a donation to CWA NSW or Rural Aid Australia.  Click on the link below.

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Please extend our influence and share this page to your community networks.

Thank you for your support!

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