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As a Christian learning community, we remember our Old Girls, past staff and people who have been instrumental to the fabric of our School and their legacy. Here we celebrate their life and acknowledge their contribution to our community over the years. 

Tribute to Elizabeth Bridget Hake RAINES OAM 
(1941 – 2018)

Elizabeth Bridget Raines (née Hake) passed away peacefully on Thursday 10 May 2018 at the age of 76 at Lithgow District Hospital. Libby, as she was affectionately referred to, was the daughter of Elizabeth Cecilia and Herbert Denys Hake. Elizabeth Hake was one of Tara’s most influential and dedicated visionaries and protagonists and Denys Hake was the intelligent Headmaster of The King’s School. Libby, as was the case with her parents, entered the educational scene and served as Nursing Sister in the Tara Boarding House from 1966 to 1971. Following her years at the Boarding House, Libby, together with her husband Keith, moved to Merry Garth at Mount Wilson.  The word ‘garth’ is a Middle English (mid 14thC) term with Old Norse origins and means a small enclosed ground, yard or garden. This was the place where their courtship had first begun and where they created a tranquil garden, a garden for all visitors to the Mount Wilson region to enjoy. Together, they nurtured and expanded this garden for the next 35 years. Indeed, it was at Merry Garth that Libby’s love for plants and horticulture was kindled during her childhood, a love that continued throughout her life. Libby cultivated not only the garden itself but the entire community of Mount Wilson. She will always be remembered. 

Mrs Hake
Libby Raines was born on 14 July 1941 and is the middle of three daughters of Elizabeth and Denys Hake. The eldest daughter of Elizabeth and Denys Hake is Marianne whilst the youngest is Cecily. In 1938, Denys Hake was appointed Headmaster of The King’s School in Parramatta and took office as the first lay head in January 1939. (i) Elizabeth Hake would spend the next 26 years in the headmaster’s residence assisting her husband, growing up their children and pursuing her own interests. In these early days of Denys’ career, the Hakes sought out a refuge from their full time commitment at the school and from the hot Australian summer holidays. To their delight they discovered a tiny four room workman’s cottage on the Wynstay Estate at Mount Wilson which they rented from the Wynne family. The Hakes enjoyed their time there so much that they continued to rent the cottage for the next two decades. It was during one of these summer getaways at Mount Wilson that a spark was rekindled in Elizabeth by Archbishop Howard WK Mowll who was staying at Withycombe. Withycombe was the family home of the White family at Mount Wilson. The Archbishop had noticed her energy and enthusiasm and quickly realised that he had found someone equal to his energy and enthusiasm and who may be able to assist him with a project he had in mind. Thus, he developed a keen interest in Elizabeth’s involvement with the establishment of a girl’s school for Parramatta. (ii) Following some long discussions with the Archbishop, Elizabeth agreed to take on the project and found herself on a quest with this most honourable goal. Eventually her quest led her to Miss Waugh’s School in Parramatta.  

Memories – The crocodiles of children

Elizabeth Raines 1967

The Hakes enrolled their eldest daughter, Marianne into Miss Waugh’s School on Hassall Street. Libby was also enrolled into the School which at the time had been relocated to All Saints’ Parish Hall following Miss Waugh’s death in 1946. Libby’s memory of her time as a young student at All Saints’ recalled a time when a particular Tara ‘ritual’ involved Miss Menken escorting a chain of Tara students in what became known as the ‘crocodiles of children’ down Victoria Road to the church. (iii)  This daily practice continued up to Ellangowan schooldays when it was ceased by Mrs Buck in the early 1950’s when she took office as Headmistress. During a period of instability that the school was experiencing in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s, Mrs Buck saw fit to cease this practice which had only burdened staff who, underpaid, often endured long daily journeys themselves to get to work. 

Memories – Boarding House

Elizabeth Raines October 1966

In 1966, Libby returned to Tara, now as a staff member, joining the Boarding House as Nursing Sister until 1971. Sister Hake, as she was then known, immersed herself in the scene of boarding life. She was the one who nursed the girls through their illnesses, who shared their joys and sorrows, who took them to dental and doctor appointments and who accompanied them on excursions. Libby learnt all about their families, their homes and pets and “watched them grow into fine, young women.” (iv)  

Lifetime commitment to Merry Garth 

Libby’s passion for plants and horticulture began way back in her early childhood when her parents would take her and her siblings to Mount Wilson during summer holidays. Libby’s sister, Cecily provides a vivid account of the family’s time at their Mount Wilson cottage retreat. She recalls the family growing potatoes, gooseberries and rhubarb and playing in the bush with her sisters; making cubbies out of tree fern fronds and climbing along fallen logs and walking all over the mountain and down into the creek where yabbies were caught and brought home in a billy to be cooked and eaten. (v)  It was here on the mountain that Libby and Keith first met while walking. 

 In the early 1960’s, the Hakes bought the cottage at Merry Garth and five acres of land. They also added a room onto the cottage, planted a few trees and fenced more of the clearing. (vi) In 1979, Libby and Keith, now married, moved to Merry Garth where they built a family home around the old cottage. Together they built a wonderful and beautiful garden with Libby tending to the small plants, bulbs and all the tiny alpine plants. During her time at Tara’s Boarding House, Libby was given the opportunity to do what she loved most, gardening. Libby planted many bulbs and through much dedicated teamwork, an attractive garden which included a plot of roses soon thrived in the grounds of the School. (vii)Libby Hake Raines with Miss Claridge in the garden of Merry Garth Mount Wilson

Libby was a very active member of the community of Mount Wilson. She was Treasurer of the Mount Wilson Progress Association, and member of the First Responders group and Mount Wilson Historic Society as well as church warden for St George’s Anglican Church. Libby set up the Bush Care program at Mount Wilson and in 2013 became the recipient of the Golden Trowel Bushcare Legend Award. For all her work, Libby was awarded an OAM in 2006 for her ‘service to the community of Mount Wilson, particularly through a range of environmental, horticultural, civic and church activities.’ (viii) 

Regarded as the ‘conscience of the mountain community’ and ‘an absolute stalwart of Mount Wilson’, Libby was well respected by police, ambulance officers and the local community of Mount Wilson. (ix,x) As both a former student and staff member of Tara, Libby’s work and contribution will forever be engraved in our School’s historical timeline. Living in the midst of God’s awesome creation, Libby found her refuge and sanctuary.   


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