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One of the new service learning initiatives for the Tara Boarding House is to raise money for the Vanessa Grant Girls School in East Kenya.  Vanessa Grant was a boarder at Tara who passed away while giving birth to her second child in East Kenya.  She was a teacher and wanted to improve the quality of education in rural Kenya.  A trust was started in her name to help educate children in this area. 
Seed tins pictureThe VANESSA GRANT TRUST  brings educational opportunities to children and young adults in rural Kenya. Children are Kenya‘s future and education is the most important thing we can provide for them. The Vanessa Grant Trust develops schools by supporting continual infrastructural development, staff training and volunteer support, so critical for effective and exciting education, using our network of national  and international support. A little money goes a long way in Kenya and it provides immense satisfaction to see what an impact this makes on people‘s lives.

The Vanessa Grant Trust is sponsoring the development of a leading secondary boarding school for girls situated about 2kms from Rongai on 15 acres of flat land donated by Gogar Farm Ltd. The School will eventually cater for about 420 girls, with each year group having three classes of about 35 children for the four years of Kenyan secondary education. The aim of the School is to provide a facility second-to-none in Kenya, delivering the Kenyan curriculum with particular emphasis on excellent IT and science facilities and quality teaching standards throughout. This will be delivered within a strong and secure Christian community.  The aim is to complete the core teaching facilities in 2016. Many donors have sponsored particular aspects of the school: funding a science laboratory, contributing to the cost of one or more computers, or paying for the furniture for a classroom. More funds are now needed to complete the building programme and, importantly, to fund bursaries, both within the school and for support during university.

This year we are selling ‘grow in the tin herbs’ and ‘seed embedded Christmas cards’ for Christmas.  All proceeds will go towards laptops and furniture for the girls boarding school. Please help us to raise money for this worthy cause. 

Support the Boarder’s Fundraising for the Vanessa Grant Trust here 

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Term 1, 2016 Newsletter (PDF 5.7MB)

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The Tara Facebook page and the Tara Twitter account also provide information about school and community events.

For easy access, parents are asked to use the Reach Boarding Software to initiate leave.  

To contact the Director of Boarding or the Boarding House directly please phone 02 8838 2629 or email us

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