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Tara Early Learning

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Tara Early Learning

Tara Anglican School for Girls is a great place for a girl to start her ‘big’ schooling experience. The Early Learning Centre at Tara offers a child-centred, play-based, investigative program.  In this first year of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme, our goal is to nurture the joy of discovery as children continue to explore and make sense of the world around them.  We want the children to become deep thinkers, active inquirers and lifelong learners.  

The Early Learning Centre is a wonderful bridge between pre-school and Kindergarten. The girls in ELC get an early start with the NESA syllabus for Early Stage 1, usually the domain of Kindergarten alone, with a foundational introduction to key literacy and numeracy concepts as well as other core learning areas such as science, social studies, visual and creative arts, music, library, and physical education

ELC provides:

  • experiences that encourage your daughter to think critically and to collaborate with others from an early age. learning programs that are both enjoyable and fun - promoting a love of lifelong learning

  • caring staff to support every girl through her transition to Junior School - an extremely important year in her

  • high-quality, meaningful and developmentally appropriate programs that help prepare girls for future learning
    a stimulating environment, innovative learning programs, which promote readiness for the more formal years of schooling

  • a positive, caring and well-resourced learning environment which enables girls to develop,
    creative problem solving skills, communicate effectively and to be independent and work co-operatively with others


Kindergarten at Tara is a place where girls are given the time and opportunity to wonder and share in rich experiences and as they engage with the world.  Whether a girl begins her education at Tara in Kindergarten or follows on from ELC, it is a year of immense growth both academically and socially. Using a research-informed approach to the teaching of reading, we have designed a program that springboards from an appreciation of the aural and oral. The girls learn to distinguish individual sounds and individual words in a sentence first, in order that they can then ascribe meaningful letter symbols to those sounds. It is this firm foundation for strong skills in reading, writing and spelling. This program rigorously tracks student progress in reading, so intervention and extension can be timely and targeted. 

This language development sets the girls up strongly for other learning areas, such as mathematics, a field where the ability to communicate and reason is a core skill. In Kindergarten, the girls are growing their sense of number, and how patterns and relationships are at the heart of that understanding.



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