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Christian Studies

Christian Studies is a unique subject at Tara that every student participates in from Year 7 to Year 12. In this subject we investigate what Christianity is all about, we explore the Bible in depth, we appreciate our Christian heritage, we consider alternative worldviews and we reflect upon how to live well in God’s world.

In the Senior School, Christian Studies engages with the Bible by focusing on the themes of God’s big story, such as ‘journey’, ‘freedom’ and ‘no compromise’. Our goal is to connect the students in a meaningful way with all the amazing things God has done in this world through Jesus Christ. Each year group studies an Old Testament book, the life of Jesus and how we might practically apply these teachings to our lives. Our lessons are characterised by reading, reflection, discussion and respect for the different opinions in the class. Each unit concludes with what we call ‘creative projects’. With this form of assessment, the students are able to choose a creative way to express what they have learnt in a memorable way, whether it be through drama, music, art, dance or technology. 

By the end of Year 12, our hope is that each Tara student will be able to articulate and appreciate the essential Christian beliefs found in the Bible. Our hope is that they will be able to critically evaluate religious and non-religious worldviews and practices and enter into a respectful dialogue with those who hold differing views. Our hope is that students will recognize the relationship between faith and moral behaviour in a wide range of personal and public ethical issues and be challenged to live godly lives.

For more information about Christian Life at Tara and the Tara's Christian Faith and Values visit the pages. 

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