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Technology students complete a number of design projects, covering a minimum of 6 technologies. These projects require the students to apply the design process to address or solve an identified need or problem.  All technologies consist of practical activities which provide opportunities for the students to showcase their creativity and critical thinking skills and learn about materials, tools, techniques and the use of machinery and computer technology.

The Technology course is studied in Stage 4 (Years 7 and 8) and is the foundation course for a range of elective courses in the Technology learning area.  Students wishing to continue their technology studies can do so by electing one or more of the Stage 5 (Years 9 and 10) Technology courses – Design and Technology, Food Technology, and Information Software Technology.

Students will learn about the processes of designing through the development of quality design projects in the areas of:

  • Built Environments

  • Products

  • Information and Communications

At Tara, in Year 7 the students experience four Design Specialisations (Communication Systems, Food Design, Software Design and Textiles Design) consisting of electronics, food, information and textile technologies completing a design project and folio in each.

In Year 8, the students work on more complex design challenges completing two Design Specialisations (Digital Media and Landscape Design) incorporating specific technologies of media, model making and polymers.

Technology (Mandatory) develops in students an understanding of design and design processes as well as the technologies that can be used to produce creative and innovative solutions to identify needs.  This course enables students to select and use a variety of materials, tools and techniques in a responsible and safe manner, as well as to study the work of designers and the impact that technological advances have on society and the environment.

Design and Technology

Years 9-10

Students will learn about the design, production and evaluation of quality designed solutions. They will learn about a range of design processes, the interrelationship of design with other areas of study and the activity of designers over time, across a range of areas. 

It is a practical based course with the theory embedded into the design activities. Four focus areas (furniture design and electronic engineering in Year 9, jewellery design and promotional design in Year 10) are covered over the two years covering a wide range of materials, technologies and design situations. Approximately one term covers learning new skills and technologies and in the second term the students develop high quality design projects and folios.

Computer technology is used to enhance designing e.g. CAD using Google Sketch Up, Corel Draw, including the use of the laser engraver/cutter and 3D printer.

Years 11-12

Students study design processes, design theory and factors in relation to design projects.

In the preliminary course, students study designing and  producing, including the  study of  design  theory, design  processes, creativity, collaborative design, research, management, using resources, communication, manufacturing and  production, computer¬≠ based technologies, safety,  evaluation, environmental  issues, analysis, marketing and manipulation  of materials, tools  and techniques. In the preliminary course, students participate in hands-on practical activities including the completion of at least two design projects. The two projects focus on product and architectural design.

In the HSC course, students synthesize and apply the designing and producing gained in the Preliminary course. They analyse innovation and emerging technologies, including a case study of innovation. The study of designing and producing includes a Major Design Project. The project folio includes a project proposal and management, project development and realisation, and project evaluation.

We have strong ties with the University of Technology which allows our students to gain valuable insight for future career choices and advice. Also our students have been very successful in gaining major awards in the University of Wollongong's Faculty of Engineering Year 11 and 12 Design & Technology High Schools Competition.


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