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Drama is an integral aspect of our society. It connects us to different times and cultures as well as the present world in which we live. Drama communicates all the complexities of what it means to be human. Learning in Drama involves the whole self – the intellect, emotions, imagination and body.

Tara girls experience Drama in the formal learning environment of introductory lessons in younger years and elective Drama from Years 9-12. All Tara girls are encouraged to explore their theatrical talents and creativity through many co-curricular opportunities.

Classroom Learning

The Drama teaching staff at Tara are highly experienced educators and theatre practitioners who are committed to providing Tara students with a positive, fulfilling and engaging experience in the Drama classroom. Drama is a practical subject where girls explore by doing and experimenting in a safe environment. The well-equipped Tara Theatre and adjoining Movement Room are used as fluid teaching spaces where girls can move easily from being an actor on stage to an audience member. 

Girls can study Drama as an elective subject in Year 9 and Year 10. This Stage 5 Course involves students in holistic learning through: Making Drama by using improvisation and play building to explore imagined situations; Performing Drama incorporating scripted and devised work that employs a variety of techniques and different dramatic forms and styles; Appreciating Drama as a way of reflecting on the human experience and engaging with the inner personal world and the external world that is revealed through drama and theatre of both the past and present. 

Girls can study Drama in Year 11 and Year 12 as a 2 unit subject for the HSC. This Stage 6 Course provides opportunities for students to develop a range of skills and to also concentrate on areas of personal interest through their practical study of acting, directing and production. The study of Australian Drama and Theatre is a core component along with a selection of other significant styles of theatre and dramatic traditions.

Co-curricular Opportunities

Tara has an ongoing calendar of theatrical events which encourages participation of girls at all Year levels. Traditionally, we have a large scale 7-10 Musical every two years that provides the cast with the experience of rehearsing together over a number of months in order to present a spectacular show. Girls in Year 11 are invited to participate in The King’s School annual Musical production each year. This is a popular and highly anticipated event. The Tara Theatre is also used to stage quality plays that are presented by student ensemble casts. Tara girls from Years 7-12 can participate in the state wide Theatre Sports competition. This is a skills based improvisation format where girls form teams and compete in a number of devised games. Other opportunities can also arise that involve our girls representing the School in drama and theatre. To find out more about our enrichment opportunities, visit our performing arts page.

Tara girls are provided with various opportunities to watch professional theatre shows on excursions and to participate in externally provided workshops at School. 

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