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The ability to communicate with others is absolutely crucial for girls as they become increasingly independent in the navigation of their friendships, education, relationships, work and the wider world. We offer girls innovative, student-centred learning programs to excite and engage our students as they develop and extend their skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing and representing.

Active, Student-Centred Learning

Underpinning all English lessons at Tara is the principle of student-centred learning. This means that teachers facilitate real-world tasks where students actively construct knowledge and understanding, rather than passively taking notes and being “talked at” in a more traditional, teacher-centred way.

Classic Literature

We believe that it is essential that Tara students develop a clear and detailed appreciation of classic literature.  In addition to contemporary texts therefore, Tara students study at least one Shakespearean and one other classic text each year.

Students as Composers

A clear expectation of all Tara students are that they will compose a variety of texts. All students will be provided with the opportunity to craft short stories, direct films, create websites, write poetry, design advertising campaigns and conduct formal presentations.

Central to a student’s ability to articulate their ideas, is control of language and Tara students are expected to develop high standards in spelling, grammar, punctuation and other language conventions.

Digital Texts

Communication and technology is changing at an exponential rate and the study of English must also change. Tara students operate in the 21st Century through engagement with new media, such as websites, apps, vlogs, blogs, hypertexts and many other media as integral components of our units of study.

As part of their learning, students are viewed as “composers” in their own right – often using the internet and other technological forums to communicate ideas to their peers and the world. 

Critical Thinking

In a world saturated by advertising messages, it is particularly important for girls to be discerning consumers not only of literature but also of media and everyday texts.

English at Tara is tailored to develop students’ ability to think critically, to understand that all texts are deliberately constructed by others who seek to entertain, persuade and manipulate them.

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