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What does Mathematics look like at Tara?

We, as mathematics teachers, aim to teach for understanding. In all years the mathematics classes are structured to cater for all levels of ability and interest.  Our Higher School Certificate (HSC) results over the years reflect the quality of teaching here at Tara as well as the energy and the time given so freely to ensure that each and every student reaches her potential in this subject. In Stage 6, we have available a range of courses including Mathematics Extension 2, Mathematics Extension 1, Advanced Mathematics and Mathematics General.

Mathematics Task Centre

We aim to make our subject relevant and to give the students the confidence to apply the knowledge that they have gained. In Years 7 and 8, the Mathematics Task Centre provides the opportunity for the girls to be exposed to real world problems where they can see the mathematics they learn in the classroom being relevant to everyday situations.

Mathematics Enrichment

As part of our enrichment program, we invite students to participate in a variety of different activities which are challenging and enjoyable. The Australian Mathematics Trust organise the Australian Mathematics Challenge for young Australians as well as the National Mathematics Competition in which we enter many of our students. Through the Investigating Maths Competition organised by the Mathematics Association of NSW, we take students beyond the syllabus to explore theories and generalisations involving some mathematics. Each year we have entered this competition we have won at least one State or National Division. Our range of investigations have included the mathematics found in the great classic novel of Gulliver’s Travels, the Movie “UP” and how many balloons would be needed to actually lift a house from the ground, the music that can be made from various water levels in different types of glass as well as the mathematics used in various sports.

Mathematics Support

Also known as ‘maths homework help’, this is an additional service provided to the students of Tara as an after school program in the Claridge Learning Resource Centre by the mathematics staff.  Experienced members of the mathematics staff are available to help all students who seek extra assistance with their mathematics.

Mathematics is an important part of our lives and is fun to learn.

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