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Student Wellbeing Program

The Wellbeing Program and activities have been developed to meet the specific needs of the students at each stage of their development. It forms the basis of pastoral care for students and parents at Tara. These are delivered by the Mentors, Year Coordinators and External Speakers in order that the girls are well equipped to embrace their futures with a sense of confidence, excitement and purpose.

The Program

The Wellbeing program focuses on the holistic care and development of all members of the Tara community and is embedded across all aspects of school life. 

A strong spiritual foundation, based on the Christian faith and values, underpins all aspects of the Wellbeing program at Tara. 

 The Wellbeing program concentrates on strengthening physical and mental health, as well as the development of skills used to promote lifelong personal growth.

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The transition from childhood to adolescence can be challenging and exciting for both girls and their parents. With this in mind a series of workshops for Tara parents has been scheduled to assist families as they make their way through the Tara journey. Parents and carers are strongly encouraged to attend these evenings to develop a further insight into adolescence and speak with experts in this field. 

Student Activities

Year 7 – Jump Right In

Camp - Finding Friends

  • Orientation Activities relating to School layout and Structures
  • ICT –Familiarisation with Computer, the most of Edumate, Setting Up for the year, Communicating Well
  • Peer Support Activities led by Year 11
  • Getting Organised Academically- The Right Equipment, The Right Place at the Right Time, The Right Preparation, The Right Routine
  • Getting Involved – Cocurricular, Extra Subjects and the Tara Community
  • Service Learning Activity 
  • Goals and Reflections
  • Forming Positive Relationships
  • Managing Change
  • Building Resilience using the Resilience Doughnut Tool (Epping Resilience Centre) 
  • Study Skills

Year 8 – Becoming Connected and Becoming You

Camp - The Urban Challenge 

  • Building Resilience 
  • Celebrating Diversity
  • Service Learning Activity
  • Thoughts create feelings, thinking matters
  • Dealing with Conflict
  • Cyber safety
  • Wrap with Love Service Activity 
  • Year 8 Performance Project
  • Slum Survivor

Year 9 - United We Stand

Camp - Challenging the Great Outdoors 

  • Getting Organised for Year 9 – Study Skills and Goals
  • We Are One – Promoting Unity
  • Girls Night In! Making the Most of Yourself, Pizza and Movie Night
  • Identifying Emerging Strengths and Passions
  • Promoting Resilience and Positive Relationships
  • Dealing with Social Media Choices and Decision Making
  • Dealing with Your Changing Self- Thoughts v Feelings
  • Service Learning Activity 
  • Thinking About Work Experience
  • Celebrating Strong, Independent and Resilient Women- Performing Arts Project

Year 10 – Stepping Up and Stepping Out

Camp - Connecting Heads and Hearts

  • Study Skills
  • Safe celebrating
  • Work experience Preparation and Placements
  • Subject selections for HSC
  • Preparing for work experience
  • Digital citizenship and Cyber safety
  • Considering Leadership and Inspirational Leaders
  • Certificate of Leadership
  • Mental Health
  • Year 10 Leadership of R U OK? Activities at Tara
  • Service Learning Activity 
  • Peer Support Training

Year 11- Learning to Lead

Camp - Learning to Lead

  • Preparing for Senior Studies and the HSC
  • Leadership Skills and Activities
  • Achieving balance and Time Management
  • Study skills
  • Safety, Respecting Yourself and Others and safety.
  • Impacts for using technology on health.
  • Ryda Driving Course
  • Being Informed - Sexual health, Abuse and Violence Against Women, Drug use, Nutrition
  • Strategies for Making Good Decisions
  • Service Learning Activity 

Year 12 – Aspiring and Being Inspired

Camp - Preparing for Year 12 and Beyond

  • Inspirational Women - External Speakers from a range of Career and Cultural Backgrounds
  • Considering Post School Options, Careers and ATARS
  • Realistic Expectations
  • Achieving a Balance
  • ICT – Supporting an online application to University and/or Work.
  • Developing a positive online profile
  • Finishing well and life after the HSC
  • HSC Survival Kit
  • Post-Trial Study Skills
  • Year 12 Service Day 

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