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From the Head Girl & Elizabeth Medallist

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From the Head Girl & Elizabeth Medallist

Hello and welcome to Tara Anglican School for Girls!


Head Girl - Senior School 

My name is Keira and I am the Head Girl for 2016-17. I have been attending Tara Anglican School for Girls since Year 7, and there is no place I would rather have spent the past five years.

Tara has constantly encouraged me to work hard in everything I do. The nurturing environment has allowed my confidence to grow, and the constant engagement from both the staff and student body ensures that every student feels supported in their school environment.

The School is very inclusive and welcoming to new students. With the opportunity to attend as a day girl or boarder, all girls are made to feel at home. 

The staff body at Tara are constantly motivating students to achieve the best results possible. Beyond this, each and every teacher devotes time and effort into creating a personal relationship with the girls, so that each student’s individual learning needs are met.

The extra-curricular program at Tara provides endless opportunity, and ensures that there is something for each and every girl to be a part of. Over the years I have had the opportunity to participate in various aspects of the School such as sport, music, public speaking, art, drama and leadership. Being so involved in the Tara life has provided me with skills which I could not have gained elsewhere, strong bonds with other students, and memories that I will never forget. 

Both the extra-curricular and academic programs allow Tara to stand out from other schools. I believe that these are what fashion determined and strong-willed young women, who are ready to take on the world beyond their schooling life. 

I can confidently say that Tara is the best place for girls. The spirit of the School fosters a sense of pride and unity, and this creates a truly special environment for all members of the Tara community. 

 Keira Dixon

Tori Cornwall 

Elizabeth Medallist - Junior School

My name is Victoria, and I am honoured to have been elected to serve as the Elizabeth Medallist for 2017. I feel very proud to be chosen to hold such an important and distinguished position at Tara and promise to work hard at fulfilling all my duties to the best of my ability. I have been at Tara Anglican School for Girls since ELC, and it has been the most remarkable and enjoyable 7 years of my life. Tara provides girls with an outstanding education, many opportunities to excel, lots of lovely friends and my favourite, co-curricular activities.

The Tara community are caring and welcoming to everyone, especially new girls. We make new girls feel comfortable and excited to come back again. Being a Tara girl has helped me be less shy around others and to be confident in sharing my feelings and ideas.  At Tara you can learn from other girls in your class, at assembly’s and the Tara community. 

Besides Tara’s all-round academic subjects and PYP where we learn in Units of Inquiry, Tara provides lots of other activities to participate in. Tara has co-curricular activities such as: Saturday sport, senior and junior school musical productions, coding, concert band, gymnastics, ceramics, singing lessons, speech and much more. Every Tara girl has an opportunity to shine. Of course there are excursions and camps for the girls to interact with each other and Chapel where we learn about our heavenly God. 

Going to Tara Anglican School for Girls is great privilege and it is one of the most amazing decisions my parents have ever made.   







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