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Service Learning

The Service Learning program at Tara creates activities which see students working together to make a positive contribution to their local and wider global community, while at the same time supporting the social and cognitive learning and development of the individual. The girls engage in this program which provides meaningful and appropriate service activities for students to engage in service, which are intentionally linked to the curriculum, so that the service enhances the learning and the learning enhances the service. 

Service learning at Tara has very specific aims:

  • The reflection and expression of the Christian values upon which the School mission is built 
  • The development of character – through service opportunities, every girl will be inspired and intrinsically motivated to serve others, recognising the contribution they can make through the application of their gifts and abilities
  • The development of the needs of others – empathetically imagining themselves in the lives of others
  • The establishment of partnerships with local and global organisations, through which mutual blessing is expressed, whereby we not only give, but also learn from those with whom we partner
  • The implementation of an annual calendar of learning experiences where students take the lead in designing, planning and implementing the service. Teachers and other adults guide their time of reflection, before, during and after the event, which is often where the real learning takes place.

Junior School

House Service Learning events

  • Each term a Year 6 House Team plan and implement a week’s focus in collaboration with Chapel and House Jam. Historically the House Teams have partnered with organisations such as: World Vision, Anglicare Toys and Tucker, TEARfund Australia 
  • On the Service Learning Day, every girl in the School participates in learning experiences where they can develop empathy and a deeper understanding of others. 
  • Our Service Learning Days do not revolve around fundraising. With small girls, it is important they learn that simple actions, such as writing a card, can make a big difference to others

Annual sponsorship of Nataly Ortiz through Compassion

Spanish is the second language of the Junior School curriculum. Some years ago, the girls selected Mexico as a country where they would like to make a difference. Through our partnership with Compassion, Nataly and her community are well supported by Tara Junior School. In doing so, the girls of the Junior School have learned much about the lives of children whose circumstances differ from their own. The girls regularly pray for and write to Nataly. 

Incidental and authentic student-driven action arising from class units of inquiry

Each unit of inquiry sees the girls learning about globally relevant issues. Taking action in response to their learning is a significant aspect of becoming an educated person. 

For more information about student engagement programs in Junior School please visit the page. 

Senior School

More information to come soon as these programs are being updated.

For more information about student engagement programs in Senior School please visit the page. 

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