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Space Odyssey & Astronomy

The study of Astronomy is an exciting aspect of science. Tara is the only school in Australia which can offer a full and rich course of study into astronomy due to the Global Jet Watch telescope, the largest privately owned telescope in Australia. The program offered by Tara has been established in collaboration with Oxford University. Students at Tara are given an opportunity to engage with the physical sciences in ways which are meaningful and unique.

Tara-Oxford Telescope

Oxford University selected Tara as the site for a research grade optical telescope, which is currently used in the study of a deep space microquasar system. The telescope is also the focus of the learning opportunities for students interested in Astronomy at Tara. The telescope has been built in collaboration with Oxford University in the United Kingdom who are operating a world-wide research program, the Global Jet Watch telescope program

Space Odyssey Team (SPOT)

Students from Tara can interact with the astronomy program by joining SPOT, a program designed to provide meaningful opportunities to study astronomy and astrophysics in more detail than is possible in the classroom. Using this unique apparatus members of the Tara student body, the Space Odyssey Team, conduct research for astronomy and physics programs for Oxford University as well as personal and school projects involving the equipment. The astronomy program at Tara is dynamic and offers members a wide range of experiences including: talks by internationally renowned cosmologists, visits to universities and other telescopes and star viewing nights to build skills. SPOT is an absolute highlight of a Tara girl's experience. This student run program offers incredible opportunities from developing leadership skills and using top-range equipment, to working with astronomers from ASNSW and Oxford University in London. There is nothing else like it.

Tara Centre for Astronomy in Education

Astronomy at Tara is also facilitated by a learning space which has been designed to meet the needs of students who want to study Astronomy in greater detail. This learning space is equipped with specialist Astronomy equipment and software.

For more information regarding Tara's Astronomy Program, please contact our Centre for Astronomy via email


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