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Why Board
at Tara?


Welcome to Eggleton House

Families from rural, regional and remote areas of NSW have been an integral part of the Tara school community since its foundation in 1897.

Boarding offers a unique and contemporary form of schooling. Our boarders are cared for in a family friendly atmosphere where everyone is known and valued.


The supportive community provides structure while enabling girls to develop their own independence and life skills ready for university life and beyond.

Boarders are at the heart of the School and contribute fully to its daily life; to study, perform, create and explore. Each girl is individually cared for in our small community and taught to be responsible for themselves and others while being compassionate global citizens.

We value the commitment, ability and exceptional contribution our boarders bring to the life of the School. Parents can have confidence that the Christian pastoral care provided within our boarding house family and wider School community will ensure their daughter is safe and happy.

We care for up to 60 boarders from Year 5 to Year 12. There is a balanced mix of girls from Sydney, regional areas and overseas.

Senior School, Junior School and Eggleton House facilities are on the one campus, encouraging interaction across the School.

Country Connections

Our Rural Girls

Tara has girls from Bourke, Marra Creek, Dunedoo, Warren, Orange, Scone, the Southern Highlands and other areas of regional Australia enabling us to offer a community of girls with similar life experiences. Ensuring the continuation of this strong link between Tara and country families is a priority for the School. We are creating more possibilities for rural girls to take advantage of the Tara experience no matter where they live.

Local Weekly Boarding

Best of Both Worlds

At Tara we are evolving to adapt to the changing needs of students and their families recognising longer working hours for parents, growing travel times and an increased demand for flexibility.

We offer local weekly boarding as a Best of Both Worlds option for city based students. This provides the choice for our Sydney and surrounding area families to access boarding options for their daughters.

Weekly boarding provides a supportive and nurturing environment with the benefits of having the opportunity to be at home for all or part of the weekend.

Your daughter will appreciate the structured environment of boarding in Eggleton House with access to academic staff.

Weekly boarding can teach self management, self reliance, cooperation, and cultivate friendships.

Changing from a day girl to a boarder is straight forward with no interview required.

All senior school students are welcome to take advantage of becoming a Tara weekly boarder and benefit from:

  • Structured routine allowing students to develop good study habits prior to the HSC;
  • Academic assistance tutors and teachers are available Monday to Thursday from 6.30-8.30pm to assist with academic concerns;
  • Wellbeing Program teaches boarders skills to improve their wellbeing, essential life skills needed for adult life and independence;
  • Delicious food removes the need to make lunch, with all food taken care of;
  • Caring regular staff on duty throughout the week have our boarders’ best interests at heart;
  • Homely environment (vertical structure) with a maximum of 60 boarders allows students to mingle across year groups;
  • Private rooms for Year 11 and 12 boarders;
  • Easy access to sport, cocurricular and before/after school classes with no transport/travelling concerns;
  • Home for weekends to relax with family.

Have any questions?

We invite you to contact our Director of Boarding who is available via email

Local weekly boarders Tia and Tess share their experiences and why being a local weekly boarder is the best of both worlds. Enjoy!

Boarding at Eggleton House offers your daughter


Living and studying in a secure and stimulating environment


To all School facilities, spacious boarding rooms, recreational areas and vast green leafy grounds


Nutritionally balanced meals prepared by a professional chef


A Health Centre and qualified School Nurse on site during weekdays


Great opportunities for companionship and friendship


Backdrop of a truly global learning experience enables girls to develop independence and make an easy transition to city living and tertiary study

Boarding Facilities

Rooms & Recreation

Junior School boarders have spacious dormitories, which are carefully designed for privacy. Senior boarders in Years 11 and 12 have individual rooms. The common areas are equipped with televisions, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, exercise equipment, table tennis, games, cooking facilities and lounge areas to unwind from a busy day at school.

Reaching their potential

Study Routines,
Goals & Assistance

Boarders are monitored with their learning and study routines. Each boarder is encouraged to set goals and understand their own individual learning style in order to make sure they are working to their true potential. Teachers and tutors are available during prep sessions to assist the girls with their homework.

Weekend Activities

Fun on
the Weekends

Weekends are planned by our Activities Coordinator and are fully supervised. Activities include visits to the beach, theatre, movies, shopping and so much more.

Fundraising and Mentoring


Service initiatives for the Boarding House include fundraising for the Vanessa Grant Girls School in East Kenya and a peer mentoring program at Ronald McDonald House, Westmead.