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Tara Anglican School for Girls offers a number of scholarships to students who can demonstrate cocurricular achievements and strong academic performance.


Students must excel in music performance to be eligible for the music scholarships. Scholarships are also offered to assist families with limited financial resources. In keeping with Tara’s tradition of inclusion and recognition of outstanding individuals, we are pleased to offer a number of scholarships to cover part or full tuition or boarding fees to girls in Senior School.

"Tara offers scholarships to students that demonstrate excellence, combined with a high degree of personal commitment and involvement in a range of activities. Students benefit from scholarships because their particular interest and abilities are recognised and valued and they are given the opportunity to flourish. Our School and other students also gain from the contribution made by these students to our community."

Mrs Susan Middlebrook, Principal

Tara is pleased to offer the following scholarships: 

  • Academic All Rounder Scholarships for girls entering Years 7 or 9 
  • Music for girls entering Year 7
  • Boarding for girls entering Years 7-11

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Applications for 2024 scholarships are now open.

Applications close Friday 3 February 2023. Late applications will not be accepted.

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Academic scholarships are open to both current students and external applicants. Candidates are asked to apply with a scholarship portfolio outlining their achievements and involvement in areas such as sport, cultural activities, leadership and service. These details will be considered in conjunction with the results of the Academic Assessment Services. 

Commencing in Year 7, open to both current Tara students and external applicants who demonstrate or are working towards one or more of the following proficiencies, supported by an AMEB, Trinity or equivalent certificate i.e. the applicant can be working on the Grades outlined above in the year of audition.

  • Piano at Grade 6 or above; or
  • Oboe, Bassoon, Viola, Double bass, French Horn, Trombone, Tuba, Percussion or Voice at a sufficiently high standard; or
  • All other instruments at Grade 5 or above.

Students who achieve a Music scholarship with Tara are expected to participate fully in the musical life of Tara, including performing in appropriate musical ensembles and study music consistently through to Year 12.

Tara Anglican School for Girls was established in 1897 as a boarding school in Parramatta. Regional boarding scholarships reflect Tara’s continuing commitment to providing outstanding educational opportunities for girls from rural areas within Australia. The Tara Boarding Scholarships are open to external boarding applicants from regional areas outside of Sydney. Families must demonstrate they are from a rural or regional area outside Sydney and within Australia via proof of their home address. Candidates are asked to apply with a scholarship portfolio, outlining their commitment to and high achievement in at least one area such as sport, cultural activities, leadership and service. 

Scholarship Offers

Scholarships are offered based on merit and may be granted at the Principal's discretion. Only applicants who are successful in being offered a scholarship will be invited to an interview with the Principal.

Please note that an application for scholarship at Tara Anglican School for Girls does not guarantee entry to the School. 

Successful candidates must take up the scholarship offer in the year of offer. The scholarships cover partial or full remission of tuition fees or boarding fees (excluding extras). All other expenses are to be met at the full rate by the family.

Students can receive and hold one scholarship only for the duration of their study at Tara.

Contact information 

For all scholarship enquiries please contact the Scholarships Office via email or 02 9630 6655.

For further information and to tour the School please contact the Enrolments Office on 02 9630 6655 or email