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My name is Jaskirit, and I feel deeply privileged to undertake the role of Head Girl for the 2023-2024 school year.


Tara has truly become my second home, with the students feeling like sisters, and our school not only providing an exceptional education setting but also a place where every girl can consider it her extended family, forging connections that reach beyond the academic setting.

The Tara Community has provided me with so many opportunities for personal growth, shaping not only my academic journey but also enriching my character through various extracurricular activities. Without the necessary resources and unwavering support, I couldn’t have become the person I am today, and for that, I am profoundly grateful. I want to fully embrace this opportunity with commitment to contribute to the School by fostering an environment where every girl can unlock her utmost potential. We’re entering a world where more women are realising their power to positively reshape and revolutionise society, and my goal is to inspire and instill that confidence in other students, making the dreams of every girl turn into reality.

As Head Girl, I am committed to nurturing a culture of sisterhood and spirit within the school community, ensuring that every girl finds a sense of belonging and comfort.

"I hope to lead by example for Tara girls, fostering their development from youth to strong women capable of igniting change and leading by example, to make effective and positive change in our society. By harnessing that power in the right way, girls like us can together advocate for those who may not have a voice in our world, exemplifying the true essence of benevolent leadership through the Christian Model."

Jaskirit, Head Girl for 2023-2024