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At Tara, we are educating the leaders of tomorrow.


Leadership is an active demonstration of what is valued at Tara and the kind of attitudes the School community wishes to see developed in our girls:

  • it is authentic and student centred,
  • it is inclusive as every girl has a vital role,
  • it is empowering as girls fill every leadership role,
  • it is collaborative as it requires girls to work with and alongside others on projects, and 
  • it inspires and supports younger students.

We explicitly seek to teach the skills and attitudes necessary for a servant-hearted model of service to the School.

Student leadership programs give every girl in the School the opportunity to identify and develop her own leadership potential. Leadership at Tara is open to all students with all leaders elected through a transparent and democratic process. Leaders are inspirational role models for all girls in the School.

With the increasing impetus that leadership is gaining globally, centres of excellence in leadership are being established in all sectors. For the young women of Tara, leadership will be a key enabler as they move from school to tertiary education and beyond. With this in mind, Tara works to develop leadership skills from Junior School through to Year 12 leadership portfolios.