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Tara girls grow into global citizens; girls who are caring, open minded, reflective and principled, girls who take risks with their learning to approach uncertainty with confidence and independence.


Students at Tara have the opportunity to participate in the School's cultural and exchange programs, at a number of different year levels, and in a number of different countries. These opportunities provide students with first hand understanding of different cultures and lifestyles and in some cases, opportunity to work on linguistic fluency.

Junior School

International STEM Tour

An integral aspect of the International Baccalaureate is inquiry and conceptually driven teaching and learning. At Tara we are uniquely placed to be able to offer the study of astronomy as an aspect of science due to our collaboration with Oxford University, England. Our involvement with the Global Jet Watch telescope, the largest privately owned telescope of its type in Australia, provides opportunities to develop skills and studies in astronomy for Tara students.

The program enables students to engage with the physical sciences in unique and meaningful ways. The Junior School provides an opportunity for girls in Stage 3 and their accompanying parent to embark on an International STEM tour to the USA. The girls and their teachers visit Huntsville Alabama, at the US Space & Rocket Centre (the Official Visitor Centre for NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Centre), commonly known as ‘Space Camp’ as well as Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.

Space Camp introduces the girls to the disciplines of space travel and rocketry. Through simulations and inquiry involving equipment and spaceflight missions, the girls became junior astronauts in training. They are encouraged to pursue STEM disciplines through hands on educational and training activities, learning about the mental, emotional and physical demands astronauts, engineers and technologists face. 

Senior School

Sister School Exchange Programs

Tara benefits greatly from its sister school relationships around the world . As part of the program, our students are given the opportunity to participate in an exchange program.  This provides them with the wonderful opportunity to experience other cultures, languages and develop lasting friendships with students and their families.

The School has exchanges with the following countries:

  • France
  • Japan
  • China
  • South Africa
  • Canada 
  • The UK

Exchanges are mainly offered to girls who are completing Year 10 studies. Family hosting opportunities are also available. Periods of exchange vary, from two weeks through to one year. Enquiries about the programs should be directed to the Languages Department, and the Student Exchange Coordinator. 

Study Tour and International
Studies Programs 

Examples of study tours experienced
by Tara students are:

  • Music Tour — 12 Day Program (Europe or USA) 
  • Performing Arts Tour — 10 Day United Kingdom Program 
  • History Ancient Tour — 12 Day Program of Italy
  • History Modern Tour — 12 Day Program of France, Belgium and Germany
  • Service Learning Tour — 10 Day Cambodia Program 
  • Japan Tour — 10 Day Japanese Program 
  • France Tour — 10 Day French Program 
Our Space Program

Tara Astronomy Centre

Our close relationship with Oxford University in England allows students to become involved in our gifted and talented Space Odyssey Team working directly with Oxford scientists in the School’s research level observatory.

Tara is the only school in Australia, which can offer a full and rich course of study into Astronomy thanks to the Global Jet Watch telescope, the largest privately owned telescope of its kind in Australia. Using this unique apparatus, members of the Space Odyssey Team conduct research for astronomy and physics programs coming from Oxford University and projects of personal interest.

The Astronomy Program at Tara is dynamic and offers members a wide range of experiences, including talks by internationally renowned Cosmologists, visits to universities, other telescopes and star viewing nights to build skills.