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Nikki Williams

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International Students

Since 2002 Tara welcomes a small number of international students each year and provides a friendly, supportive environment that encourages the educational development and personal growth of all students.  

Tara has a rich tapestry of students with diverse cultural backgrounds. To assist our families of non-English background who come to Tara, the School offers a supportive English as an Additional Language (EAL/D) support program. We do feel that by taking on this challenge, especially as boarders who are living away from their families and friends, they are broadening their perspective on the world and will benefit greatly from their Tara experience. Read more about becoming an Overseas Student here in our brochure (PDF 214.4KB)

Tara Enrolments Team

Overseas Student Marketing & Enrolments Team 




Mrs Susan Middlebrook (Principal)
Tara Anglican School for Girls 

Nikki Williams (Director of Enrolments & Communications) 
Tara Anglican School for Girls  
+612 9630 6655

Enrolments Officer
Tara Anglican School for Girls  
+612 9630 6655

Overseas Agents

Tara Anglican School for Girls works with trusted overseas education agents through Australian Boarding Schools International (ABSI) as an extension of our international marketing and enrolments center. Please visit the ABSI website for further information.

Current Agent Agreements in effect as of 1 January 2017: 





Giovanna Rita Leung (Principal)
Academic and Continuing Education LTD
913 Lippo Sun Plaza, 
28 Canton Road, 
Tsimshatsui, Hong Kong 

Candy Wong (Principal) 
AEC Education Consultancy
1802 Causeway Bay Plaza 2, 
463 Lockhart, 
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong   

Sam Kwong (Principal) 
AAS Education Consultancy LTD
1501 Office Tower II, 
Grand Plaza 625, Nathan Road, 
Mong Kok Kawloon, Hong Kong

Sandy Ng (Principal) 
Australian Education Association 
Unit 1012, Star House, 
3 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsai, Hong Kong

Gary Cheung (Principal) 
Introducing Australia Studies Centre 
Room 1605, Sind Centre, 582 Nathan Road,  
Mong Kok Kawloon, Hong Kong

Dr Wing Cheng (Principal)
CJR Education
Suite 1102, Union Park Centre 
771 Nathan Road
Kawloon, Hong Kong 




Andrew Grag (Principal) 
CETA World Wide Education 
283/65 Home Place Building 12th Floor, 
Sukhumuit 55 (Thonglor Rd)
North Klongton, Wattana, 
Bangkok 10110, Thailand 

Bella Tumulka (Principal) 
GET - Global Education Tumulka 
Munchuer Freiheit 22, 
80802 Munich, Germany 




Grace Lu (Principal) 
Australia Overseas Student Enrollment Office (AOSEO)
Suite 103, 420 Pitt Street 
Sydney NSW 2000

Limin Giu (Principal) 
AA International Australia Pty Ltd 
Suite 1101, 250 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2077

Don Chen (Principal) 
International Student Exchange Services PTY LTD
503/488 Bourke Street, 
Melbourne VIC 3000

Aileen Wang (Principal) 
AOJI Education Australia PTY LTD 
Suite 6, Level 3, 
591 George Street 
Sydney, NSW 2000




Emmie Hur (Principal) 
A&A International Education
Suite 1406, Tian An Centre, 
338 Nanjing Road (West), 
Shanghai 200003 China

Phoenix Guo (Principal) 

Guangdong Overseas Education Services 
Room 1310, Mian Tower, 
Guangdong International Building, 
Number 339 Huanshi Road 
East Guangzhou, China 

 Mr William ZHU (Principal) 
International Student Exchange Services (ISES) 
Room 1316-1317, Xuhui Commercial Mansion,
No. 168 Yude Road, 
Shanghai, China 

 Michelle Cheng (Principal) 
OVEDU Center Shanghai 
Suite 1403, CITIC Square, 1168 Nanjing Road (West),
Shanghai, China 

 Ms Wendy Wang (Principal) 
Shenzhen Wanyesheng Consulting Co LTD
402, West Tower, Xincheng Mansion
No. 1027 Shennan Rd,

Ms Ekho Gao (Principal)
Shunshun Step Abroad 
Floor 22, Pacific Century Place Building A
No. 2 Gongti North Road 
Chaoyang District, Beijing

Mr Kevin Liu (Principal) 
China Liuxuecity Co. Ltd. 
Room 1810-1817, 18/F., Block A
Xinian Center, No.6021,
Shennan Road, Futian District
Shenzhen, China 

Ms Peggie Zhu (Principal) 
EIC Group Ltd. 
2F, Guangzhou Library
42, Zhongshan Si Rd
Guangzhou, China 

Peggy MA or Maggie HAN (Principals)
JJL Overseas Education Consulting & Service Co
5F, Miyang Tower, Yong An Dong Li, Jianwai Ave
Chaoyang District 
Beijing 100022, China 




Tatyana Serova (Principal) 
Ya Language School
50 Nekrasova Street, Level 5-6, 
Novosibirsk, 630005, Russian Federation



Policy & Compliance 
Information of procedures and policies relating to international students can be viewed here.

Accommodation and Welfare_MG_9062

The student must remain in boarding for the duration of her studies at Tara Anglican School for Girls, unless living with a parent or School approved Guardian that is a direct family relative in Sydney. Learn more about Eggleton House (Boarding) at Tara. This is a safe and nurturing environment where the students can practise their English and receive extra academic support. Tara does not work with or provide Home Stay accommodation.

Please note: Full boarding or living with a direct family relative are  the only enrolment options available to overseas students (where the parents reside outside Australia). If boarding, our students reside in Eggleton House for the entire period that they are enrolled at Tara, regardless of age.

We require that you have approved welfare/guardian arrangements and maintain these welfare arrangements for the entire period you are enrolled at Tara regardless of age.  Approved welfare/guardianship can be provided by ISA Guardian & Welfare Service.

You will be required to apply in writing direct to the Principal for alternative guardianship arrangements. Please outline your reasons for not utilising ISA Guardians and confirm that your requested Guardian is a close family relation. A student's guardian performs a vital role in acting in loco parentis as the main contact for the School in your absence.The guardian must be approved by the Principal who is at least 21 years of age, has proficiency in the English language, is resident in Sydney and has provided the School with a working with children check for themselves and of all members of their household over 18 years of age.  The boarding houses are closed during mid-term breaks and school holidays, therefore, unless a student travels home, she will need to stay with this nominated guardian at these times. The guardian will also need to be prepared to accommodate the student in case of an illness that necessitates her temporarily living apart from the other boarders. 

Tara will only release the COE and CAAW when confirmation has been received that approved accommodation is met and with approved welfare/guardian services.

Health Cover

International students are required to have overseas student health cover (OSHC) for the length of their student visa. This can be arranged by the School on the student’s behalf. We also have a modern and well-staffed health centre located in the boarding house. It caters for the primary health care and well-being of all boarding and day students. For more information visit our Health Centre page.

English Language Proficiency

One of the following:

  • Satisfactory results from an approved English language test. Tara recognises testing results from iSTARTOnline Assessment Testing Services or Australian Education Assessment Services (AEAS). Both tests provides an educational profile on each student. It is the responsibility of parents/students /agents to arrange for students to be tested. The cost of assessment testing is paid by the parents.

  • Satisfactory results from an approved English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS)

  • High school English in an international school or English median school for at least two years (a Skype interview would be conducted to verify ability in oral/aural proficiency skills).

We require level 4 and Level 5 (dependent on year level of entry for Senior School) in the ESL scales to be considered for an offer at Tara. A satisfactory result in the test does not guarantee a place. If your daughter’s English level is not sufficient, we may suggest she undertakes an intensive language course before enrolling at Tara. Tara does accept students from non-English speaking backgrounds into Year 11, unless proficiency of English at or above ESL Scales Level 6. Tara offers English as an Additional Language (EAL/D) support for students in mainstream classes.

Please note: The school reserves the right to complete additional English language testing as part of the enrolment process.

Enrolment Process

For specific information about the enrolment process for International Students please use this information guide for overseas students (PDF 214.4KB).

It is important that parents and students understand the requirements for studying in Australia. More information is available on the Study In Australia website

The next step is to start the enrolment process. 
In order to be considered for enrolment at Tara Anglican School for Girls, International Students are required to:

  • Complete a full application for enrolment form signed by BOTH parents and application fee of $220
  • Provide a copy of the student’s birth certificate, translated into English if necessary
  • Provide a copy of the information page from the student’s passport
  • Provide a copy of the student’s latest school report, translated into English if necessary
  • Provide a report of assessment on English language proficiency 
  • Complete an interview with the Director of Boarding and Director of Enrolments & Communications 

A Letter of Offer from Tara will be sent to you following the interview if a place is to be offered to your daughter. Alternatively, you will be contacted by the School for further consultation, usually relating to further English studies.

To accept our Letter of Offer you will need to pay the scheduled fees and sign and return the Acceptance of Offer contract and relevant documents to the School. This contract indicates the School's expectations of parents, guardians and students and restates our terms and conditions.

Once we have received your signed Acceptance of Offer contract and the required fees, Tara will notify the Immigration Department of your Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) and if under 18 years of age, Accommodation and Welfare requirements.

To assist with your daughter's integration into her new School we offer extensive orientation programs. Before her first day, Tara will send your daughter a welcome pack with information about the School and the general requirements for uniforms and subject choices. In addition to the School induction programs, a special integration and orientation program is conducted by Tara's Overseas Students' Coordinator. 

Please note our policy for younger overseas students (in Junior School) is as follows:

Younger Overseas Students – Students Living Arrangements and Welfare Policy and Procedure
National ESOS Code: Standard 5 (also relates to Standards 6, 7.3 and 13)

For purposes of safety and duty of care Tara Anglican School for Girls’ enrolment policy requires that visa students in Years Kindergarten to 6 should have one of their parents residing in Sydney to supervise and be responsible for them as boarding, for overseas students, is not permitted until Year 7. Students from Years K to 6 are only enrolled at the discretion of the Principal and in special circumstances.

Request more information today. 


For specific information about fees for overseas students please use this Fee Information Guide for Overseas Students (PDF 329.2KB).

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