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Tara Stories

Tara Students

Leah (2016 Graduate) 

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Tara for all the opportunities, in public speaking, music, sports, and academics which allow everyone to excel, and for me, have opened the doors to future study and experiences.

I am excited to share that I have been offered Combined Law at the University of Sydney, through which I will be studying Bachelor of International and Global Studies and a Bachelor of Laws. I have been accepted in the Elite Athlete or Performers Scheme through Taekwondo and have also been offered the Sydney Scholars Award.

I do not believe such opportunities would have been possible without the wide range of co-curricular experiences offered at Tara coupled with the academic rigour of the teaching staff. It has been a blessing to have been at Tara and I send my thanks to all staff who create these opportunities, and even go out of their way to support students in their endeavours.

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Sheerin (2013 Graduate)
How did Tara help you?

Tara_Sheerin TakooFor a long time, I struggled to understand and determine what was my actual goal? What did I actually want to do when school finished? Tara, through its unique and helpful careers classes, and also Mrs Williams guidance (careers advisor) really helped me firstly determine what it is I wanted to do and for that what ATAR I then needed to get. I had either wanted to secure a cadetship or be part of the UTS Bachelor of Accounting program. For both these courses however, it was imperative that the student was an all rounder - not only academically gifted but someone who has also displayed leadership potential, co-curricular involvement and participation in school life and/or wider community. Because of the opportunities offered at Tara I was able to tick off all these required criteria, gaining leadership potential from opportunity to be peer support leader in Year 11 and later school prefect in Year 12, and also showing co-curricular involvement in sports like hockey and basketball or MUNA debating and attending school events like K-12 night. 

When did you start at Tara?

I actually started at Tara in Kindergarten. The teachers at Tara are fantastic! I credit a lot of my  ability to secure this scholarship and the required ATAR to all their relentless efforts, whether it be sending back essays before exams with feedback even in the middle of the night or meeting me at lunch to go over some tricky maths problems, they have been a consistent source of support and knowledge. 

What advice would you give to a girl considering or at Tara now in younger year groups?

Really take up as many opportunities that are offered to you in Tara but that you are also interested in, whether it be ceramics class, dance class or sport these opportunities not only allow you to make great friends and have fun during school, but truly help in shaping you as an all rounder person and only help you further on. In terms of academics, the same philosophy really applies - choose the subjects you enjoy and are truly interested. If you choose those subjects you are passionate about, the learning experience not only becomes more interesting but also bearable especially during stressful times in year 12. I remember during year 12, although 4 unit maths especially and modern were challenging to study for at times, I really loved studying these subjects which made the whole process of revising for exams and doing well in them much easier. 

Tara Parents

Abigail & Madeline's Parents 
SistersWhy Tara? 

There were multiple reasons why my husband and I selected Tara as the preferred school for our two daughters. Some of the reasons include;

  • The overwhelming sense of pride the staff and students portrayed on our orientation to Tara 

  • The warm and friendly environment we felt, knowing that this was the environment our children needed to be a part of

  • The beautiful grounds, an oasis with open, leafy and inviting play areas. The fact that there was a car park was an added bonus. We felt the girls would be safe with the school being off the main road

  • The knowledge that Tara employed experienced staff and specialised teachers for each of the girls subjects

  • The amazing opportunities our girls would have being a student at Tara was definitely important, producing well-rounded students who would excel given the vast number of options available

  • Small class sizes were also very important to us, offering greater teacher student interactions

  • The fact that Tara introduced the ELC the year our daughter was old enough to attend. This opportunity to attend school prior to kindergarten would make the transition so much easier. An unbelievable experience which would commence our journey through Tara 

  • There were also extracurricular activities that the girls would be able to utilize, and as a mother it was also important to know that, if required, I could also access the Before and After School Care, and Vacation Care facilities at Tara 

The list above are just a few of the reasons why we chose Tara to enrol our girls.

As a result of being students at Tara, my husband and I are pleased to say that our expectations of Tara have been exceeded. Our daughters are well adjusted, confident and happy girls. Both the girls love Tara, their teachers, their learning environment and very importantly their mates. The girls feel safe and loved at school, even being able to attend after school activities and take the Tara bus independently. Our daughters take pride in themselves and their uniform and ensure their school environment cleanliness is maintained for everyone to enjoy. The Christian values of the school are portrayed through the girl’s everyday life; helping, loving, trusting to name a few. Both girls show leadership qualities and they are both extremely involved, and excelling, in the many facets of the school; sporting, academic, musically and artistically. Both the girls love being a Tara girl.

Tara Old Girls

Student Success

Jenny Morawska

After graduating from Tara, Jenny Morawska studied sciences and has led some of the biggest organisations in Australia. Chief Executive Officer, Research Infrastructure Support Services Limited; Non Executive Director National Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect Foundation; General Manager, People and Performance, Westpac Banking Corporation, Australasia; Deputy Secretary, Commonwealth Departments of Finance, Industry, Science and Resources; Director, Ernst and Young; Executive Director, Price Waterhouse. She is currently the owner of The Morawska Group, advisor to the Swedish Foreign Ministry and advisor to the United Nations General Assembly regarding establishment of dialogues for peace.

Rebel Wilson

Rebel was Deputy Head Girl in her final year and went on to University to study a Bachelor of Law and Arts (Theatre and Performance Studies).  A few years later Rebel went on to study at the Australian Theatre for Young People and became known for creating and starring in her own comedy theatre productions. Rebel has appeared in comedy productions in Australia and major movies in the USA – such as 2011 blockbusters, Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect.  In 2013 she hosted the MTV Music Awards and starred in the TV series Super Fun Night which she also wrote. Rebecca Gilmore Manual diving

Sporting Success

Rebecca Gilmore

She began her diving career as the Tara Sports Captain in 1996 and went on to win bronze at the 2000 Olympics. “I have my school Tara to thank for introducing me to the sport of diving. I commenced diving in Year 7 and I never turned back.” Rebecca Gilmore Manuel 

Simone Kennedy

After leaving Tara in 2011, Simone Kennedy competed at the Paralympics in London, where she took out the silver medal in cycling representing Australia. Simone made the Australian Cycling Team and competed in the 2016 Paralympics in Rio. 

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