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Junior Girls

Meet Ashley, Connie and Abbey.


Hi! My name is Connie, I’m in Year 6 and one of the subjects I enjoy most is art. Some of the projects we have worked on include water colour painting, aboriginal sculptures and also painting significant people.

Hi, my name is Ashley and I’m also in Year 6. My favourite subjects are reading and writing and I love sharing my stories too. The story I have just written is a ‘tension story’. It’s about a girl that has been lost at a campsite and has to try and find her way back but a lot of different problems come her way.

My name is Abbey and I am in Year 4. I love playing sport at Tara. My favourite sports are soccer, netball and water polo. I love the time spent with friends completing the activities and also the skills we learn.

"Playing chess in the Junior Library is a time where I get to meet up with all my friends and improve my skills."

Abbey - Year 4

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