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If you are looking for a boarding experience that is as close to living at home as possible, you have found it!  Eggleton house is a boutique boarding house with a family atmosphere.  It is located on the Tara grounds and the Director of Boarding’s own family are very much involved.  There are family dinners each night and each and every boarder is a valued member of this unique family. 

The boarders come from near and far. We have local students who find it easier to board than cope with Sydney traffic, we also have country and overseas boarders, each adding their own strengths to the mix.   

Staff are always available to assist girls with anything they need and are trained to deal with adolescent matters, everything from nutrition to friendship concerns. They will be there to guide your daughter through their teenage years. Each staff member mentors a year group through our LifePrep program which sees girls learning everything from ironing to filling out a tax return! 

Boarding teaches you many skills that you would not necessarily get otherwise. You become accustom to sharing your living space with other girls, learn to tolerate differences and become respectful and considerate of others and their needs. You learn to be self-disciplined with your studies and there are teachers to help you every night. Boarding also means that you can become fully involved in the Tara community – participating in sport, music and the many other activities offered by the school. As you grow up so do your skills and learning experiences. Boarding with other girls from different backgrounds means you all learn together about so many aspects of life. 

Country Connections

We understand the difficulties of living on the land and still providing quality education for your children and feel that we provide a great learning ground for country boarders.  Being at Tara provides the girls with the opportunity to learn how to use public transport and explore all the city has to offer while being a small boarding house, so it is not too overwhelming.  Our 10 hectares of leafy ground also makes country boarders feel at home, as they are still able to connect with the land. 

We love to catch up with our country families and offer mums a bed for the night on those quick trips to Sydney. We regularly attend the Dubbo Boarding Expo where we gather past, current and future parents to eat and tell stories. ICPA also plays an important role in the community for country parents so we support this by being a member and attending the NSW ICPA Conferences.  Boarding scholarships are also available and more information about how to apply can be found here

In 2019 see us at:
  • NSW ICPA Conference in Mudgee (5-8 March 2019) 
  • Dubbo Boarding Schools Expo (17-18 May 2019) 

Full time or weekly boarding is available. Casual boarding is offered to existing Tara Senior School families on request. For more information please visit the enrolment page and the fees page

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