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At Tara, your daughter’s health is paramount. In consultation with parents we aim to remove the health related obstacles that impede learning.

The purpose of the Health Centre is to provide a professional health service to the School community with the aim of minimising health related obstacles that can impede learning, individual development and personal wellbeing.

The school employs a registered nurse who is on duty in the Health Centre from 8.00am until 4.00pm Monday to Friday, during school term. There are also trained First Aid staff on duty in the Junior school, who have access to the registered nurse on duty, Monday to Friday.

The School Nurse is able to provide:

  • Primary health care to students
  • Emergency care the school community, including first aid
  • Promotion and assistance in health education activities
  • Referrals to allied health professionals
  • Pastoral care as a member of the Pastoral Care Team, consisting of School counsellors, year coordinators, tutors and the Director of Boarding.

Special Needs

Parents of girls with special needs or diagnosed health conditions are encouraged to contact the school nurse to discuss any concerns. Confidential health care plans will be developed in consultation with the student and parents, relevant health professionals and nominated teaching staff in order to foster the wellbeing and educational needs of every girl.

The Health Centre undertakes continual self-review of its procedures and practices, in compliance with current standards.

Illness at School

All students who are ill at School must present to the Health Centre. If they leave class to do so, they must have written permission from their teacher and go via Student Reception. If a student is too unwell to remain at school, the School Nurse will contact the parents to arrange collection of their daughter. Students are not permitted to arrange their own way home. In the event of the student requiring transfer to hospital, the girl will be accompanied by a staff member and parents shall be notified as soon as possible.


Students are not permitted to have any medication (prescription or over the counter) on their person whilst at school. Students are however permitted to carry asthma puffers, epipens and pancreatic enzymes with them at all times in consultation with the School Nurse.

In Senior School Prescription medications are to be stored in the Health Centre at all times and will be administered by the School Nurse with the written consent of parent/guardian/s. 
Over the counter medications (analgesics, antihistamines etc) are available for all students and will only administered to students upon request and following clinical assessment and only with the written consent or parent/guardian/s.

Junior School students who require any medication (over the counter or prescription) must supply junior School staff with the required medication as well as written consent. This medication will be stored for personal use only. Junior School hold limited medications for student use and will only be dispensed with parent consent in an emergency and to promote comfort. 

Medical Consent and Procedure

Medical records are maintained for each student during her years at Tara to facilitate her treatment, should the need arise.

Authorisation to administer medication to students must be authorised annually.  This information is available for referencing by relevant staff. Original copies are kept by the secretary of the Junior School and by the School Nurse in the Senior School.

Changes to Medical Information

Any change in the medical condition of a student should be referred to the School Nurse in writing. It is important that health information and consent is kept up to date. It is the responsibility of the parents to inform the school of any changes to a student’s medical condition.

Vaccination Programs

Tara participates in the NSW Health Department Adolescent School-based Vaccination Program. Currently this is offered to Year 7 and Year 11 students. Consent forms are distributed early in Term 1.

Each year, the Health Centre will organise Influenza vaccinations for the Boarders through the school’s local medical practice. This is undertaken only with parent/guardian consent and is not compulsory although encouraged. 

Tara Staff are also encouraged to participate in the annual influenza vaccination program offered free of charge to staff.

Day girls are also strongly encouraged to have the influenza vaccine when available through their own medical service. Annual Influenza vaccination reduces the risk of severe influenza illness, promotes good health and in turn reduces sick days off school.


The Health Centre is located on the Senior School campus and there is a comprehensive First Aid Room located in the Junior School.

Contact the Health Centre 

(Monday – Friday 8.00am – 4.00pm) via email or phone: (+61 2) 8838 2653.


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