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Student Engagement

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Student Engagement

Support and care is an integral part of the development of each student. We believe that every girl is unique and precious and so we value and nurture them to build high levels of well-being, resilience and grit. The Junior School is a special place: large enough to offer diversity and opportunity, and small enough for every girl to be known, well cared for, well taught, and appreciated for the exceptional creation that she is.

At the heart of our approach to student support and care are strong trusting relationships. We join with girls and their families to build open and honest partnerships between students and teachers, and parents and teachers.

The chief pastoral carer of every girl is her classroom teacher. Through a thorough hand-over process with the previous year’s teacher, every teacher makes sure they know the individual needs and circumstances of each girl. Class teachers act as advocates for the students in their class by ensuring relevant information is shared with other staff members. This means that while the Head of the Junior School oversees and manages the entire support and care system of the Junior School, the classroom teacher is the first point of contact for all pastoral care matters. Class teachers and parents are encouraged to make regular contact with each other in order to optimise student learning and well-being. Our Team Leaders oversee the support and care of girls in each Stage, providing an extra point of contact for students, families and staff. They also support the classroom teachers in meeting the needs of their students. Our School Counsellor and Chaplain offers further support for students, families and staff.

Part of our support and care approach involves high, but age appropriate, student behaviour expectations, the guidelines for which are articulated in our Student Support and Care and Anti-Bullying and Harassment policies. These high expectations are accompanied by high care where every girl is supported with strategies and guidance in her quest to be the very best version of herself.

Our implementation of the Primary Years Programme (PYP) provides a common language with which staff, students and parents can use to talk about support and care. The values imbedded in the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile and PYP attitudes define our rights and responsibilities as members of the Tara community. We work towards everyone becoming caring, open-minded, courageous, reflective and principled people who practise appreciation, respect, tolerance, empathy and integrity, mindful of other’s needs, strengths and circumstances.


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