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At Tara every effort is made to nurture and develop the whole girl in order that she might reach her potential in every aspect of her life. The social, emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual development of girls are paramount to the girls’ learning. In this way the holistic wellbeing of our students underpins all aspects of life within our school. We believe that effective pastoral care promotes a positive, supportive and engaging whole School culture. Our excellent pastoral programs help develop our students both in the classroom and beyond. 

It is recognised that students are approaching a series of significant transitions into adulthood throughout their time at school. In this way Tara endeavours to ensure that the girls are undergoing these transitions in a safe and supportive environment. In the Senior School we strive to reflect our true Christian values. The School values of affirmation, service to others, integrity and opportunity are at the heart of our pastoral care programs.

Every staff member has a responsibility for the pastoral care of students. In addition to this a specialist pastoral care team including The Director of Student Wellbeing, Mentors, Year Coordinators, a Chaplain, School Nurse and a School Counsellor are in place to work with the girls.

Each year group is divided into mentor groups of approximately 10 students who remain together as a unit with their mentor throughout their time at Tara. The mentor oversees the development and growth of the girls, supporting them with goal setting and problem solving through group and individual meetings. The mentor group is also connected to a house group and this association allows for engagement with students across all ages across the School.

At Tara we recognise that students and families making the transition to the Senior School from Primary School and commencement at a new school at any level requires extra support. At the beginning of the school year special orientation programs are in place to assist students with practical aspects of their transition including familiarisation with the layout of the School, ICT training, learning about the timetable and the structures of the Senior School. Attention is given to academic organisation and preparing for the year ahead. Students in Year 7 work with Peer Support Leaders from Year 11 throughout Terms 1, 2 and 3, and activities are focused on enabling girls to make new friends. All students from Years 8-12 are allocated buddies who assist them in their transition to Tara. The Year Coordinators and Mentors are always available to support the girls and their parents as they become members of the Tara community.

Pastoral Care programs and activities have been developed to meet the specific needs of the students at each stage of their development. These are delivered by the Mentors, Year Coordinators and External Speakers in order that the girls are well equipped to embrace their futures with a sense of confidence, excitement and purpose.

Specific pastoral care themes and focus areas for specific year groups are on the student wellbeing program page.

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