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Discover all that Tara has to offer your daughter


Visual Arts Term 3

Senior School students have been very busy during their Visual Arts lessons in Term 3, developing techniques to produce incredible artworks!

Watch our Visual Arts Term 3 Video

ELC Nature Play

ELC has been exploring the bush environment which borders the Junior School Playground!

Watch our ELC Nature Play Video

125th Birthday Celebration Video

Celebrating the Past, Shaping the Future

Watch our Tara 125th Birthday Celebration video

100 Days of Kindergarten!

100 days of Kindergarten

Watch our mini video of Kindergarten's 100 days at School

Senior School Visual Arts Term 2

Years 7 and 8 Visual Arts students during their practical classes.

Watch our Visual Arts Term 2 Mini Video

Tara Wellbeing Week

Senior School Wellbeing Week focused on the wellbeing of students during assessment periods.

Watch our Tara Wellbeing Week Mini Video

Year 2 Visits Food Technology

Year 2 girls had the exciting opportunity to visit Senior School, Year 10 and Year 11 Food Technology classes to experience cooking at School!

Watch our Year 2 and Food Technology Mini Video

Year 10 Food Technology

Take a look into the kitchen to see our Year 10 Food Technology class.

Watch our Year 10 Food Technology Mini Video

Visual Arts Term 1

Take a look at the content covered in Visual Arts Term 1

Watch our Visual Arts Term 1 Video

Tara Junior School Welcomes You

Life in Junior School at Tara.

Watch our Junior School video

HSC Results Class of 2021

We are so proud of the achievements of the Class of 2021.

Watch our HSC Class of 2021 Results video

Local Weekly Boarding at Tara

Discover Local Weekly Boarding at Tara – The Best of Both Worlds.

Watch Boarding at Tara - The Best of Both Worlds

Performing Arts at Tara

Tara girls are renowned for their Performing Arts abilities. Every year the calendar includes a variety of performance events that are exceptional in their quality.

Watch our Performing Arts at Tara video

Discover Sport at Tara

No matter what your ability level and interests are, we have something for you. Discover sport at Tara.

Watch our Sport at Tara video

Facilities at Tara

Our campus offers a world class learning environment.

Watch our Facilities at Tara video

Tours and Cultural Immersion Experiences

Students at Tara have the opportunity to participate in the School's cultural and exchange programs, at a number of different year levels, and in a number of different countries.

Watch our Tours and Cultural Immersion Experiences video